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Cold Case S02E13 – Time To Crime Full HD Screencaps

This week’s KM UK Summer Of HD 2013 is Time To Crime and it takes a slightly different approach to the portrayal of the crime from normal.

A gun handed in during an mayor-led amnesty is linked to the 1987 drive-by shooting of a young girl playing in a park with her mother.  The squad […]

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – July 2013

Since starting these regular CCCC-up updates it is clear that one person tends to dominate them: Tracie.  The sheer number of differing projects she takes on, especially compared to her fellow Cold Case alumni, makes it unavoidable.

Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in Cold Case), or as we’re going to call her this month, the Award […]

Cold Case S02E12 – Yo, Adrian HD Screencaps

Get it?  It’s Lilly boxing! 😀  Never mind

We are at the halfway mark of KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2013 and Cold Case is wearing its movie reference on its sleeve.

Yo, Adrian (Cold Case season 2, episode 12) has the Silvester Stallone film Rocky all over it, far beyond the title being […]

Cold Case S02E11 – Blank Generation Full HD Screencaps

The year was 1978.  Teenager Matthew Adams is a member of a cult.  He killed himself.  Or did he?

The KM UK Summer Of HD 2013 contines with Cold Case episode Blank Generation.

Keen to rescue their relative, the Adams family hired a person to extract and errr… un-brainwash him.  Is “brain-dirty” a thing?

Nearly […]

The Single Side/Layer Of Life

The Sweeter Side Of Life was released on DVD in the United States yesterday (16 July 2013).

The image on the right might be a “3D” shot of the DVD box but the actual product is a lot more one dimensional.  Having got hold of a copy of the disc I thought I’d post an […]

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