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UK Cougars Are…

dvd_003…Disappointing.  Even more so than their counterparts from other countries.

On Monday of last week (15th April 2013) the UK DVD release of the movie Cougars, Inc. hit the shelves.  Probably not many shelves, but shelves are definitely involved.

The film itself is exactly the same as the US release, save for the different frame rate, as no cuts were required.  The UK DVD does, however, differ in one key aspect:  no extras.  Apart from the usual scene selection and a choice of stereo or surround sound audio there are no extras what so ever.  None at all.  Nada.  Zilch.  Not even the commentary tracking involving Kathryn, which was one of the few reasons for getting the film on disc in the first place.

KM UK’s advice for anyone in Europe still wanting to purchase Cougars, Inc. is to buy the German version, which goes by the name of Loverboys.  It doesn’t have the commentary track either but does include the other extras of a trailer and gallery.  And there is a Blu-ray version.   The discs are the correct region coding for Europe, removing that issue, and both have a selectable English soundtrack for those not versed in German.

Amazon Deutschland has the DVD and Blu-ray available very cheaply (less than €5 / £4.30 each).  You may not be aware that if you have an Amazon account for your region the login will work in any of the international Amazon sites.  If you can navigate the language you can order from it.  Some restrictions apply so not everything will be available to ship outside of that country though and import taxes might be applied.

You can read KM UK’s comprehensive, and less than favourable, review of Cougars, Inc. here.

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