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Cougars, Inc. Review

Cougars_Inc_1080p_347DVD reviews for Cougars, Inc. are starting to become quite wide spread online ahead of the US release next week (10th of May) so it is about time for me to post mine.  I’ve tried to avoid falling into the trap some reviews do of being little more than a description of the film with a few comments tacked on the end.  I have done a plot summary but that is followed by something more akin to a review.  Not having access to preview copies of the US release this is based on the European DVD & Blu-ray that became available a couple of weeks ago under the name of Loverboys.  The US version will vary slightly by having some additional extras (a cast commentary that includes Kathryn and a deleted scene that doesn’t) but the movie itself will be the same.

I shouldn’t need to add a spoiler warning but if you don’t want to know anything about this movie before watching it yourself you should not read any further.

You can find the KM UK review of Cougars, Inc. HERE.

If you want to write your own review please contact me and I will add to a special page on the site.

As many of you have already noticed there is a large collection of HD screenaps from the film in the Gallery, they’ve actually been there for over a month now.

Cougars_Inc_1080p_196 Cougars_Inc_1080p_266 Cougars_Inc_1080p_404

1 comment to Cougars, Inc. Review

  • icywinter2

    Very good review, I’ve read other reviews on other sites. They said said that the plot is disappointing, and that the storyline doesn’t make any sense. That’s sad, but yet it’s better that this went straight onto DVD than in theaters; saving this movie from embrassement.

    I wouldn’t call those sex scenes that have Kathryn in them X-rated. Clearly it’s not, I’ve seen the screencaps. You only see her bare back and she’s in underware. Her top is never exposed. I do feel uncomfortable seeing her that way, but because of the trailer and reviews I still not going to see it.

    It’s gearing for the teenaged crowd, judging by your and other people’s reviews that I’ve read. Everyone is different, but I like moves that consistent plots and storylines.

    I give Asher credit for doing this, but he should have taken more time to write out the script more thoroughly. Clearly this is a big symptom of someone who rushed to write this and didn’t take his time.

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