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Kathryn CC Items In Paige Fortin Auction – Update

art_for_paige_001Here we have a chance to own a bit of genuine Cold Case memorabilia signed by a certain Ms Kathryn Morris and help a good cause.

Just two months ago a young woman called Paige Fortin, from Amesbury, Massachusetts, was in a serious road accident which resulted in her losing much of her right leg.  The community has rallied around to help Paige and her family but they still are faced with long term costs.

Amesbury-based artist Jon Mooers is putting his new gallery to use by running a charity art auction at the end of November (2012) to raise money.  As well as works supplied by local artists Jon has used his Hollywood connections to get a few extras.  For example there is a piece of concept art for the web series Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome by illustrator Peter Mitchell Rubin (Independence Day).  But there are also multiple reasons for KM UK’s interest in this event.

Kathryn has donated eight “lots” of Cold Case memorabilia.  Two crew caps, three sets of directors chairs & publicity photos, her own personal crew jacket, and a couple of embroidered patches .  All signed by the actress herself.  The jacket includes an inscription related to the cause.

You can find more details on the Art Of Paige website.  The auction is online at the Charity Auction Organizer website where you can see the available lots (you may need to look at page 2) and there is a Let’s Help Paige Facebook page.

Images of the CC-related items in the auction are in the Gallery.

Update (10 Dec 2012):  A larger photo of the back of the jacket has been added.  Also there are 5 more images of items up for auction, including a Moneyball crew cap modelled by Johnny Messner.  All are in the Gallery.

art_for_paige_002 art_for_paige_003 art_for_paige_004 art_for_paige_005

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