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Kathryn Has A Sunny Composition

the_perfect_not_ep7_004I’ve spent quite a lot of time the past day or so trying to work out how to approach this post.  I just couldn’t seem to come up with a simple hook to get going.  So, let’s start just go through the facts from the beginning.

The ever vigilant Kareen_T spotted Kathryn making an oh-so brief cameo in a video recently posted on YouTube.  The 5 minute long clip is of a clearly very talent musician playing the piano in a shop called Accident & Artifact in San Francisco, California.  The pianist’s name is Srawat “Sunny” Promyotin, CEO of Black Media.

The piece Sunny is playing is the 7th in a series of improvised pieces with the collective name of The Perfect Note.  After Sunny completes his performance the camera pans around to find our favourite lady sat near by.  She smiles that wonderful smile of hers, waves to the camera, and claps.  What’s all that about?  It is very curious.

Sunny very kindly responded to KM UK’s enquiry about the video and Kathryn’s appearance in it.  They are friends but he wouldn’t elaborate on her involvement, calling it a “special surprise celebrity.”  Instead he wanted to “allow the honesty and sincerity of the video to speak for itself rather than try to explain the magic of her appearance.”  You can’t really say fairer than that.

I think we’d also all go along with Sunny’s opinion of Kathryn as “truly one of the most amazing, talented, kind, wonderful human beings I have EVER met in my life.  So truly wonderful in every way.”  Here, here.

whichwich_001Another spot by Kareen_T was a photo (see right) on Sunny’s Facebook page which includes Kathryn.  The two of them, and two others, enjoyed a meal at a Which Wich sandwich shop, presumably on the same day as the video was made.

You can see the video of Sunny’s performance, culminating in Kathryn’s cameo, in all its glory over on YouTube.  The photo can be found on Sunny’s Facebook page and some of Sunny’s work is available on iTunes.

For completeness I’ve added a small copy of the video, some HD screencaps and the photo to KM UK’s Gallery.

Many thanks to Sunny for allowing KM UK to share this with you and for generously taking the time to answer our questions.  Also, thanks again to Kareen_T for letting us know about her find.

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