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Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Update

009It’s taken a lot longer than anyone ever expected.  We were beginning to think this day would never come.  Yes, Kathryn attended an event in 2011!  Oh, yes, and the movie Cougars, Inc. finally gots its première :-)

The Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard hosted the much anticipated, and long-feared never happening, event.

We have an initial batch of 4 images.  They are small as they were done with cameraphones by various guests but we are  very grateful Asher Levin, Catalina Rodriguez and The Garage PR for taking them.

The photos we have so far have been added to the Gallery and more will be added as we get them.  Stay tuned!

Update: Thanks to Smallbarbie for the 6 7 lovely HQ shots of Kathryn and Kyle being interviewed by MingleMedia.

002 003 010

7 comments to Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Update

  • Nscha

    Great to see some new pictures, though a bit blurry. Hoping for some close-ups to come! She’s wearing the shoes from the movie btw :)

    • Yes, that initial set of 4 images are not big or great quality as they were taken by guests with their phones and not photographers. I’m confident there will be some much bigger and better quality photos soon.

  • Icywinter2

    @Nscha- it is but I Kathryn probably used her own shoes for the
    Movie. It’s not uncommon for celebs to wear their own clothing or shoes either in movies are on tv.

    @Riche- I thank you for all the hard work in finding all Kathryn related info:)

    It’s so nice to see a new picture of her, I think this was a private event. Being that there isn’t any photos up at this event on Getty images. I could be wrong

  • icywinter2

    Is there a video to go along with the photos, I would love to see what she really said on the video.

  • Lolly

    Dear Kathryn,
    If you’re reading this, please stop being so fricken gorgeous. You’re making me look terrible. (:
    Lolly. (:

  • icywinter2

    I found a photo of Kathryn which clearly shows that she still has her tattoo. I wish I could find it in HQ

  • Niiny

    Love the pictures !!!! She’s cute :)

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