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Cougars, Inc. To Get Hollywood Première Tonight? – Update x4

promo_001(16:30BST) I am hearing talk that Cougars, Inc. will be premièred tonight (31 March 2011) at an event in Hollywood.

No specifics just yet but it does tally with the date that has appeared in various places, including the Wikipedia entry for the film, in the past.  It may more of a private function, assuming it is happening at all.

The screening in Austin, Texas was down as a première but no longer is.

Update (18:30BST): The evidence is mounting. Debbie Levin (a relative of Asher) and Cisco Adler (music writer on Cougars) have Tweeted about the première.  Denise Richards appears to be on holiday so she is unlikely to be present.

Update 2 (18:40BST): I think this about clinches it.  A Tweet and Facebook posting by Asher Levin.

Update 3 (19:40BST): I was waiting for further confirmation but now we have some.  Party organiser Adam Glove says in a Tweet that the after party will happen in the Supperclub venue.  The première itself will happen at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  No word yet on attendees from the cast.

Update 4 (21:30BST): I’ve been told that it is believed that Kathryn WILL be at the première.  Great news!  Thanks to Gabriel @ Reelist Productions.

1 comment to Cougars, Inc. To Get Hollywood Première Tonight? – Update x4

  • icywinter2

    Why is it getting this kind of treatment, if it’s just going straight onto DVD? It was supposed to be theaters last Decemeber but for some reason landed up on DVD instead.

    I just like to know why?? It wasn’t like this movie was a favorite at a film festival like Sundance which it never went to. It’s just struck me as odd, since the DVD release is on May 10th.

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