May 2011
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Cold Case S04E03 – Sandhogs Full HD Screencaps

Things get a little sticky for Lilly as she gets caught in the middle of a particularly hunky love triangle with Joseph and the sudden appearance of Ray, the motorcycle man.

The squad investigate the death of a subway tunnel digger in 1947, which turns into an interracial love story at time when such relationships […]

Kathryn Manns Up On Moneyball Set

We are less than 4 months away from the release of the movie Moneyball and we are still waiting for any official images or video.  So for now we’ll have to settle for another on set image I’ve found.  It’s not a great quality photo (but it is very large) but that smile always shines […]

Mark Anderson 2005 Photoshoot Upgrade

It’s very nearly a year since KM UK moved house to a system that could cope with hosting the larger images in all their glory.  This great Mark Anderson photoshoot set (which I believe is from around 2005) is one that I had forgotten was not in the Gallery at full size.  It is now.  […]

Cold Case S04E02 – War At Home Full HD Screencaps

The squad investigate the death of a female war veteran whilst Lilly proves she’s no domestic goddess and not the only thing that’s smoking hot in kitchen 😉  Scotty, mean while, is looking into some unpleasant family matters.

162 exclusive Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps can now be found in the Gallery.


Fan Art Update – May 2011

This month’s Fan Art update has the privilege of welcoming another new comer to our midsts.

Alongside KM UK stalwart IcyWinter‘s new Avatars and Banners we have four Wallpapers from Richard Maissner.  As you can see from from the image above Richard does very complex, intricate work.  See all the additions in the Gallery.

Many […]

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