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Cougars, Inc. Soundtrack List – Update

In the previous post Icywinter asked about the soundtrack of Cougars, Inc.  I’ve also seen others asking and searching for this information so I put together a page listing all the songs from the credits of the movie.

Most of the songs are written and performed by Cisco Adler and some of those were done in colaboration with writer/director Asher Levin.  Will Crum and Dirty Harry also contributed tracks.

You can find the complete list HERE.

Update: The soundtrack page has been updated with a list of the tracks (well, most of them) as they appear in the film.  Please let me know if you can help fill in the gaps.

17 comments to Cougars, Inc. Soundtrack List – Update

  • icywinter2

    I feel old, I never heard of these artists before. I am surprised they didn’t use ” The Rolling Stones Song: Mother’s little Helper”, even though it doesn’t pertain to this movie; yet it was still the original name of the movie.

  • Lolly

    Yum! I can’t wait to check these songs out. :)

  • icywinter2

    I never heard of Cisco Adler, or the others. Are they like Indie singers, new ones??

  • Lolly

    My guess is indie because I’ve never heard of them either. :)

  • shabz

    do u know the song in 40th min it says all the girl on the street like rockin to the beat i cant fin it on you tube thanx

    • Hi shabz,

      Looks like I made a slight mistake on my music credits page. I’ve corrected the reference to “Hipster Girlfriend”, which starts earlier than I had it down as, and added a reference to the song at the song that starts at the 38th minute.

      The song at the 40th minute is the one that starts during the 38th. It is “Cheap Champagne” by Cisco Adler. You can find a copy on YouTube HERE.

      Hope that helps.

  • icywinter2

    @Shabz- Did you check the list to the music soundtrack on top of this page. Sometimes you can’t find the song that you like on youtube. It’s not that easy, you can try i-tunes. They might have it.

  • icywinter2

    Wait didn’t Cisco Adler once date Mischa Barton who was in Kathryn’s movie: Assination of the high school president?

    I wonder why they didn’t a singer or a band that people actually heard of. Indie singers do need to be reconized too..

    • smallbarbie

      probably because of costs, I’ve never heard of Cisco Adler and his music didn’t fit the Cougars Inc movie

      (I shouldn’t post this comment because I am dead.) 😉

  • icywinter2

    @Smallbarbie- What is the meaning behind your last comment, the movie didn’t seem to be a hit for DVD sales either. The reviews also weren’t positive. Hopefully Kathryn’s next movie, “Moneyball,” has more success.

    It has to be it’s on a bigger budget and Brad Pitt’s in it.

  • shabz

    thanks it helps its a gud song

  • bian

    what’s the name of the last song, the one which appears at the end, in the credits?

    • Hi bian,

      Looks like I missed that one off my list, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      I have had a look at the film and identified the song as “Thank You” by Whitestarr.

      I have updated the soundtrack list page with this information.

  • katy

    I cant find the song which appear in 62m adler- lemon, please heeelp me, I’ve checked everywhere and there’s nothing!!!

  • scmky

    “Leaves that are Green” was written by Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel), not Will Crum.

    • Thanks scmky.

      The lists are based on how they appear in the credits of the film. There are other mistakes though which I’ve highlighted as I’ve become aware of them.

      I have updated the lists with your new info.

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