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Loverboys Hit The Streets Today – Update x2

German DVD box artToday’s the day to get out on the Straße and hit the Geschäfte because the 21st of April is Loverboys – Desperate Wives day in Germany.

Europe sees the worldwide première of the renamed Cougars, Inc. on DVD and Blu-ray, three weeks before the North American 10th of May release.  The discs almost certainly contain the original English soundtrack so won’t be limited to only German speaking folks.

This will be the first time that the DVD extras (which apparently include a “Making of…” and picture gallery) will be seen.

My copy should be here very soon.  Just in time for the extended weekend 😉

If you buy yourself a copy please let us know what you think.

Update: Credit to Amazon Germany and UPS for getting the discs to me first thing this morning.  As Julie comments below Kathryn only appears on the front of the box art.  Denise appears 5 times in total.  Rebecca and Catalina twice.  Disappointingly the DVD extras only amount to the trailer and a photo gallery (I’ve added copies of the 3 involving Kathryn to the Gallery), though there are trailers for three other movies.  There is no “Making of…” and no cast and crew commentaries.  The need to have a 2nd language on the disc may have taken up too much space and caused the removal of the extras.  Making it a dual layer disc would have added to the costs.  The Blu-ray is little more than a high definition version of the DVD.  We’ll have to wait and see if the American version is different.

Update 2: Credit to me from Amazon Germany!  The price of the Loverboys Blu-ray dropped by €5 to match the €9.99 (less than US$15) of the DVD, making it even more of a bargain than before and they’ve refunded me the difference.  They ship internationally.  You can find the Cougars, Inc. Blu-ray on the website here.

9 comments to Loverboys Hit The Streets Today – Update x2

  • Julie

    I got my copy today and I’m a bit disappointed. Except for the cover, there is no other picture of Kathryn, neither on the dvd box, nor in the menu of the dvd. It rather seems like Denise Richards is the main “cougar”. And the dubbing is as bad as always, definitely watch it in english! 😀

    • Thanks Julie.

      I’ve added an update above.

      It is clear in the marketing of the movie that they are using Denise because she is better known, and perhaps fits the cougar image better. Of course Kathryn’s character of Alison is more crucial to the plot.

  • icywinter2

    It’s a better bet for everyone in the US, to wait to May 10th. The cost to ship from there to here is very expensive, with the cost shipping rising.

    The translation overseas is different, I guess for language differences. It sounds better, but why wouldn’t the extras not appear on the international copies but appear on the DVD’s in the US?

    Weird isn’t it??

    Can you list the music to the soundtrack?

    • I was aiming the “they ship internationally” comment more at my fellow Europeans. The region coding of DVDs means that many players outside of Europe will not play the discs anyway.

      The reason for extras going missing from DVDs in Europe compared to the US is due to space on the disc. Each extra language or commentary track takes up some space. European DVDs often have 3 or more language tracks but in this case there is only English and German. Without the German track there would have been space for a commentary track or a short video. They could have made a lot of spare space available by using a dual layer DVD but that would add a lot to the production costs and is avoided where possible. There is always a chance that the American version won’t have the extras either.

      It is note worthy that the German Blu-ray disc has a lot of spare capacity and the extras are the same as the German DVD. This may be deliberate to keep them equal. It could suggest that the extras don’t exist at all or they are that way to save the costs of translation.

      I’ve created a page with the music credits HERE.

  • icywinter2

    I never heard of any of those artists that are featured on the soundtrack. Perhaps because this movie was filmed here in the US, it might contain the extras. They probably only do that, in the country where it was filmed.

    I think it has to do with international rights to allow showing the extras. They probably couldn’t get permission to put it onto the DVD overseas, as well as money issues as well. With the translation..

  • Lolly

    If you’re in the US, definitely wait until it gets released there. There’s shipping, plus I think 1 Euro is around $1.39 in American dollars. It’s totally rough when you think something’s only 5 Euros, and then you find out it’s really almost twice as much in American dollars.

  • icywinter2

    @Lolly- Also the American Dollar is low in Europe, has been for awhile.

  • Lolly

    Definitely. It’s almost 2 to 1! The exchange rate is going up every day. I think I’m gonna die. Haha.

  • icywinter2

    @Lolly- It’s the economy, it’s been like that even before the US went into a recession. It’s going to be awhile before the exchange rate gets better.

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