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KM/ELP Co-Production

In one of the interviews Kathryn gave at the recent Environmental Media Association Awards she mentioned a “night time soap” she was producing with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker.

I’ve been trying to track down more on this show since then.

No details so far but I understand that the deal with ABC to buy the show that Kathryn referred to is not quite done, yet.

I expect more news on this soon.

6 comments to KM/ELP Co-Production

  • Icywinter2

    I do hope it’s not a reality show, there’s too many of them on TV now. All the luck to Kathryn, be the first show she produces. I still want to see her back on tv. This is good for her career :-)

  • I wish luck to Kathryn.

    She is a very talented actress, and I bet she will do a good job directing a show. (But… I hope to see her acting in another show… I love to watch Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Castle, all from ABC – I would like to see Kathryn at some of these shows.)

    I hope it comes out more information about it.

    • Icywinter2

      @Karen- She isn’t directing, she’s producing. I would love to see both her and the whole cast reunite sort of like they did on “Lie to me,” which the shield cast. That would be great :-)

  • AHHHHHH! I love Eva! I can’t wait to see the show :)

  • Icywinter2

    Too bad that Kathryn isn’t in it :-( but hopefully this show that she produces will be success

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