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Pensacola: Discs Of Silver – European Edition

Every so often I search for older shows of Kathryn’s appearing on DVD just in case anything new turns up.  I certainly didn’t expect a European DVD boxset release of Pensacola: Wings Of Gold to appear.  You can find it here on the Amazon UK site.  I don’t know how long it has been there, it can’t be very long.  I did have my doubts about it, but it’s true, this really is season 1 of P:WOG.

All the images and actor names on the box suggest that it is season 2 or 3, the ones without Kathryn.  However, it does say “Seizoen 1” on the spine of the case.  Yes, this has been put together by a Dutch company, a fact reflected in all the text on the box being in Dutch and the presence of Dutch subtitles, but the soundtracks are in English.  Being European the DVDs are set to Region 2 so the discs are only playable in compatible European DVD players.  Sadly there are no extras, just the 22 episodes.  Make sure you buy a copy immediately.

P:WOG is an action drama series from the 1990s starring James Brolin as Lt. Col. Bill Kelly, a veteran Marine put in charge of a small squad of elite soldiers that take on special missions.  Season 1 saw Kathryn star as Lt. Annalisa Lindstrom, the helicopter pilot extraordinare of the team.

Screencaps from each episode can already be found in the Gallery.  I hope to replace these with new improved versions in the near future.  Previous P:WOG posts can be found here.

12 comments to Pensacola: Discs Of Silver – European Edition

  • azerty

    good news highly qu it leaves to France I would like to see this series.

  • azerty

    I am not on D to buy by Internet
    but thank you for the information.

  • Nscha

    Proud to be Dutch! I’ll go look for it here in The Netherlands! :)

  • Nscha

    I got the DVDs yesterday! It really is season 1, though the cover and the pics on the DVD menu suggest otherwise. The quality is a bit disappointing but still great to finally get to see KM as Annalisa in action! 😀

  • Finn

    I’ve watched all 22 shows and enjoyed them all! Its funny how Kathryn seems to shine the best when she’s accompanied by men & has a bigger role! Did u notice that in the last show espisode 22 that the actor who played the Irish IRA part would join Kathryn on “Cold Case”as one of the detectives,I can’t recall his name but his character was always chasing nurses it seemed like! He was very thin in Pensacola:Wings of Gold & heavy set in Cold Case!!I believe he is from Canada!

    I didn’t realize Kathryn was a part of the show because I didn’t start watching it until the changes had been already made with a new cast in place but I have to admit I was surprised they didn’t bring them all back,at least Kathryn!

    • Finn

      I’m repling to myself,the actor’s name was Jeremy Ratchford

    • You are correct Jeremy Ratchford (Nick Vera on Cold Case) was in that final episode of season 1 of P:WOG.

      Because Kathryn’s character’s role outside of the base largely involved her being in the helicopter high above the action she did not get to act with many of the guests. She did no scenes with Jeremy.

      I don’t know the reasoning behind the (almost) complete change of cast for seasons 2 and 3, they must of hoped for more success. Whether it worked or not I don’t know.

  • Finn

    I don’t understand the reasons behind the cast changes myself RichE between season 1 & 2 especially when at the conclusion of espisode 22 they added the caption “To Be Continued”,which let me to be that all but 1 member of the team would return,for season 2!

    I guess James Brolin & the other producer’s decided to change the storyline format all together,with a new cast & an entirely new format for the show! I wish,I had seen this show from the beginning,so I could have raised alittle hell! You don’t fix what isn’t broke,you may make some changes & even replace some of the characters but not the whole cast in one clean sweep!

    Im not sure myself how long P:WOG lasted either!

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