September 2010
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Annual HD Update – 2010

I think I’ve stretched the whole “summer” part of the KM UK Summer Of HD updates as far as I can.  The season is definitely finished here in the UK so this will be the last post in the category.  As it happens it brings us very neatly up to date.  These events were the […]

Kathryn On The Set Of Moneyball – 27 Sept – Update

Gossip website X17 Online have 15 photos of Kathryn and Brad Pitt on set, filming Moneyball.

I’ve quickly added them to the Gallery.  Unfortunately they are small, grainy and have watermarks across them but there you go.

Thanks to IcyWinter for the heads-up.

Update: Duplicate image (the 2nd of the set) removed and the (new) […]

Annual HD Update – 2009 (Part 2)

I don’t think I need to say much about this set of updates 😉  I think covered it last time.  12 updates, 8 of them huge, to images from the Creative Emmy’s arrivals album, part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD.

Oh yes, there are also many updates in the Monte Carlo Television Festival Cocktail […]

Annual HD Update – 2009 (Part 1)

No theme leaps to mind with this set of updates, part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD, except for the obvious ‘gorgeousness’.  But that’s an almost continuous theme here   Feel free to suggest one in the comments if you can think of any.

In this, the first update to larger size of images from […]

Fan Art Gallery Open

Ladies & Gentlemen.  Lords & Ladies.  Boys & Girls.  Welcome to this special occasion: the opening of a new wing of the KM UK Gallery.

Today I am proud to announce the opening of the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery.

In the new area you will find albums for Avatars, Drawings and […]

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