June 2024
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Gallery Searching

It is possible to search the KM UK Gallery for images you are looking for using a word or phrase that relates to the content of the image in some way.

In the top corner of the main page of the Gallery there is a text input box (see right).  Enter a word or phrase and click the search button.  It is a different search feature from the main blog.  The Gallery is different and independent software.

Searching is primarily done on the album names and the image filenames.  So, searching for inferno will find the Cold Case episode Disco Inferno album, the TV movie Inferno album, and images from the movie Inferno that have the word inferno in the filename.  Searching for Disco Inferno will find just the album for the Cold Case episode of that name.  The Gallery treats the two words, Disco Inferno in that case, as a phrase.

Tagging Images

To extend the usefulness of the search facility I have started to tag images with keywords relating to their content.  Keywords are words or phrases that give additional information about the image to aid sorting and searching.  In the case of the KM UK Gallery this includes marking appearances of Kathryn’s fellow cast members (by character name and actor name) in Cold Case.  Plus, images are tagged for some other key elements that appear in the image.  Searching for scotty or danny will result in a large collection of images that see Danny Pino alongside Kathryn.  Not surprisingly there are a lot!  If Lilly as her gun drawn then the tag gun is applied.  If she is showing her police badge to a suspect then the tag badge is applied.

Narrowing The Search

It is possible to search for multiple words/phrases to improve the accuracy of results.  Entering scotty & s06 in the search text box will give similar results to the search for scotty example earlier, but will limit it to those from season 6.  The words/phrases either side of the & symbol must both appear together in the information for an image to be displayed.  Only results that include both words/phrases will be shown.  Want to see Kathryn kissing someone?  Try kiss.  Prefer to only see her kissing Lilly’s CC season 1 beau ADA Kite?  Try kite & kiss.

All Cold Case screencap images are titled in the form Cold_Case_SxxEyy_lilly_zzz.jpg (where xx is the season number 01 – 07, yy is the episode number 00 – 24 and zzz is the image number).  Partial matches work so if you search for cold_case & s01 & e01 (note the underscore in cold_case) will just show images from Gleen for example.

You get the idea.

I’m not going to list all the keywords in use.  I’m sure you can find clues in various posts.  See what you can find :-)

If you have any questions relating to Gallery Searching please use the contact form to let me know.

Quick Guide

  • Kathryn and Lilly are not used as tags.  Neither are beautiful or smile, the results would be too large :-)
  • Lilly is part of the filename for every CC screencap so avoid searching for that as the results will be too large.
  • The search is not case-sensitive.  danny = Danny = DaNnY.
  • Images are tagged with Cold Case actor’s names and characters in one tag.  Searching for Scotty will find any additional images of Kathryn and Danny together (such as the 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards), not just those from Cold Case.
  • Two or more words separated by a space will be taken as a phrase and will searched for like that.  Scotty Valens is not the same as Valens Scotty.
  • Using the & symbol between words/phrases means both must be found for it to be shown as a result.  kite & kiss will only find images of Lilly kissing ADA Kite.

If you have any questions regarding the Gallery searching please use the contact form.