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Colony S01E04 – Blind Spot Full HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E04_004In a few weeks the sci-fi-ish drama-ish series Colony will be released on DVD over there in that America. To mark the occasion KM UK is going to publish a series of exclusive-to-the-site (because I made them) full HD (that’s 1920×1080) screencaps in one of our Summer Of HD update series.

When was the last time we had a proper Summer Of HD update? I’d like to say “I can’t remember” but I can because I just looked it up and my short term memory is not that bad!

2015… I mean 2014 was when it was.

Based on the image above I think that when Hollywood attempts a re-make of the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (due out in the UK on Friday, 1st July) they need look no further than Kathryn as a younger, even more attractive Patsy.

A search on IMDb suggests that a remake of the TV series was already attempted in the US but it never made it past the pilot stage. Coincidently it starred a Kathryn, Kathryn Hahn of Crossing Jordan fame, but in the Edina (aka Eddie) role as played by Jennifer Saunders.  America gets the new film towards the end of July by the way.

The cast list of Ab Fab: T’Movie is quite something, with all walks of British celebrity-dom covered, which means that many of the cameos will go over the heads of those outside the UK.  Gwendoline Christie (Game Of Thrones), Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect), and Jon Hamm (Mad Men) will be recognisable to many others around the world though.  But, most importantly, the amazing Jane Horrocks reprises her role as the utterly barmy (it’s a good thing, trust me) Bubble.

First up in our short run are 55 new Full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn in the fourth episode of Colony. Find them in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E04_1080p_019 Colony_S01E04_1080p_028 Colony_S01E04_1080p_046

Colony On DVD In July

colony_season_1_dvd_artwork_003There is something deeply unsettling about the idea of a faceless entity arbitrarily dividing the human race up for unknown reasons.

Are you in area 2?  Do those in area 1 seem to have it much better?

But that’s enough about DVD region codes…

July 12th, 2016 sees the first season DVD release of the TV series Colony.  In America that is.  It is on the country’s local Amazon website here.  The price at present is $24.

The USA Network’s 10 episode sci-fi-ish show will be in a three disc box set.  Along with a behind-the-scenes documentary, that was aired before the first episode went out, there is said to be some deleted scenes.

Publicity photos of Kathryn in the show included shots from scenes we’ve not seen.  Could they be part of the extras?

Colony is set in a modern day earth that is under the control of aliens.  The world’s defences have been disabled and what is left of humankind has been allowed to remain living in walled-off ‘blocks’ of major urban centres like Los Angeles.  Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) are a husband and wife that find themselves on opposite sides of collaborate/resist divide.  He’s a works as an agent for the security services keeping the peace for the ‘hosts’.  She’s trying to help the fight-back against the oppressive regime.  Both are doing so for the sake of their family.

Kathryn guest stars in three episodes as an art curator in the more comfortably accommodated ‘green zone’.  She’s also the wife of Adrian Pasdar’s (Heroes) politician who has ambitions of moving up the power tree.

There are three images showing the DVD box art now in the Gallery.

Colony On UK Sky 1 From Thursday

colony_banner_2880x1260A couple of weeks ago the news broke that Colony would be coming to UK television screens on Sky 1 in early April.

That time has arrived and Colony is now on the schedules.

The series will be shown on the satellite channel from Thursday (7th of April) at 9pm, in between DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and the beginning of the new season of the comedy panel show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo.  That’s a prime time slot on a major channel.

Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) lead the sci-fi drama series about a set in current day earth that has been invaded by aliens.  They have taken control and split the remaining human population into walled in ‘blocks’.  Colony follows the lives of the Bowman family (Josh and Sarah as parents to three children) and others in a section of Los Angeles.  Kathryn stars in three episodes as someone allowed to live in a more privileged area in return for collaborating with the ‘hosts’, in her case she is collecting works of art for them.

Colonization Heads Home

colony_banner_2880x1260Many years ago the United States Of America was formed by the joining of 13 British colonies down the East coast of the country.

Now, after the series just finished airing its first season on American TV the sci-fi-ish drama Colony is said to be on the way to Britain.

The Digital Spy website has reported that the Sky 1 satellite channel will broadcast Colony to home in the UK starting in early April of this year.  This could mean repeats on the Freeview channel Pick (which was once known as Sky 3) at some point in the future.

Read the Digital Spy article here.

Last September, around the time we found out that Kathryn had joined the cast (by then they’d probably completed filming already), it was announced the streaming service Netflix had acquired the global rights to Colony.  It will become available there early next year.

As we know Colony has already been signed up for a second season due to air next year.  Kathryn’s continuation or otherwise is not known at this point.

Colony S01E09 – Zero Day HD Screencaps

Colony_S01E09_123I’m no expert on body language or reading people’s moods, women especially are a mystery (that’s why we love you so), but in the above image I’m sensing a certain amount of anger.

To round up this week in Colony for Charlotte (Kathryn), she:

  • Tried to further humiliate/punish Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) for breaking ‘the rules’, even though it is not clear she did
  • Found out that Maddie could be of further use
  • Suggested to Maddie that she would be rewarded for her loyalty
  • Got caught out defying the ‘hosts’ to line her own nest
  • Was thrown under the bus by her own husband Nolan (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes)
  • Attempted to drop Maddie in it to Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson, House)
  • Was taken away by the authorities

All in a week’s work for an art curator then.

Yes, as we saw in the sneak peek video from the other day things do not look good for Charlotte in her final appearance in this season of Colony, the USA network sci-fi-ish drama series.  Her longest screen time yet.  There is only one episode left to go.

After Maddie used her knowledge of a largely secret art collection in LA to regain her position with Charlotte she, knowing that it would ingratiate herself even more, arranged for one of the key paintings to be put to one side and kept off the official list.  For some reason the ruling alien race want to keep the pretty stuff for themselves.  So why was Charlotte still there?  😉

We didn’t see how it happened but someone (Maddie being the obvious source) tipped-off Snyder about Charlotte’s hoarding and he came with the troops in tow.  The unlisted painting was found by the ‘Redhats’ and Nolan agreed it should not have been there.  Charlotte blamed Maddie who described herself as “just an assistant” when asked who she was.  That sealed Charlotte’s fate.

No Kathryn in next week’s season finale but the show is set for a second, slightly longer, season, we know the ‘factory’ is not necessarily the end, and Charlotte is an established part of the Colony universe so they could still bring her back next year.

Either way, it was good to see Kathryn return to the small screen, even if it was in a relatively minor role.  Plus, we got to see that smile a bit in this episode.  Thank you to the people behind Colony for making that happen.

And, we didn’t get to see the more casual looking Charlotte in the scene shown in a couple of the promo photos released for episode seven.  There’s a deleted scene out there…

There are now 132 HD (720p) screencaps of Kathryn in the episode “Zero Day” of Colony in the Gallery.

Colony_S01E09_019 Colony_S01E09_032 Colony_S01E09_092

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