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Fan Campaign For CC Season 8

The folks over at Cold Case discussion board Look Again are initiating a campaign to get Cold Case an 8th season.  Under threat of non-renewal for season 7, though Kathryn herself has said it wasn’t as bad as many think, the tide seems to be against the chances of another reprieve.

Can a clear sign of support by as many fans as possible convince CBS to continue with the show?  It certainly does no harm to try.

You can find all the details here in Byrdman‘s thread on Look Again.

8 comments to Fan Campaign For CC Season 8

  • IcyWinter

    This isn’t news to me, there are a ton of sources that have been saying that Cold Case is going to be cancelled. It’s CBS’s own fault for putting it up at 10pm in the first place. They would be dumb to get rid of this show, especially with the stupid tv show remakes they have already greenlit for this fall, that won’t be successfull.

    Is there another way to sign a the petition without going to LA??? I would love to have another season of this show..

    • I’m not claiming the idea of the show not being renewed is new news.

      You don’t need a login at LA to see the links provided there. Rather than me duplicate everything here it was easier to point people there.

  • Byrdman9802

    Hi guys!

    Hey, it’s the Byrdman coming to you on this Sunday evening – I hope that you all are well and that your weekends are winding down smoothly.

    I wanted to ask that everyone who wants to help with this effort needs to go to register at and add on to my Fans Support S8 post – here is a direct link to my thread on the site.

    I have seen that many have signed a petition at a separate site, but we need help on the message boards too! That is essential – we’re talking right to the network here.

    Thanks for your attention, and please have as many people as you can register at the site, go into my S8 thread and add on to it!

  • ciara

    omg if Cold Case gets canceled ill have a mental breakdown
    I think they shouldnt cancel cold case, the ratings arent that bad there our other shows with worst ratings

    • IcyWinter

      It’s not about the ratings at all, but I think the network simply just wants to get rid of it. They basically put CC in danger of being cancelled by putting it on at 10pm.

      CBS better get smart fast and renew it, they know all too well that a remake of an old TV show isn’t going to last even a month..

      • Of course it’s about the ratings. If the show was consistently pulling in 16m viewers there would be no question of wanting to renew it. The move to 10pm meant that they were prepared to accept lower ratings than the show previously got, but were perhaps higher than for that slot previously. Do we have ratings figures for the 10pm slot in past years?

        If they know that a remake an old TV show (I don’t what show you’re talking about) isn’t going to do the job they wouldn’t have commissioned it.

        • IcyWinter

          CBS knew that was going to happen, they made a bad move by doing that in the first place.

          The remake that I was talking about was ” Hawaiian five O,” I doubt it will be good the second time around. I also am referring the lack of orignality among the writers these days, like this great show Cold Case.

          CBS knows that there are a lot of devoted fans, and should give just one more season to complete the series.

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