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KM UK’s 1000th Post!


Cross out “Cold Case” and add an “0” on the end of the number on the cake.

This is the 1000th post on KM UK.

It has “only” taken five and half years but we’ve made it to the end of our first thousand!

Thank you for being there and getting involved.

Come back tomorrow for 1001.  It’s a special one.

It’s My Party… 5 Today

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us!

Luckily that cake is huge or we’d be running out of space for all the candles!

It’s traditional when you pass a milestone like this to take a look back.  The way we do that around these parts is to reminisce with stats.  That’s how we roll.  We’re cool like that 😎

This is the current state of play here on KM UK on its 5th anniversary:

  • 890 articles posted (this is 890), one of every couple of days
  • Nearly 4500 comments posted
  • 3000+ hits a day (over 1 million per year)
  • No spam comments, despite 170,000 attempts!
  • In excess of 530 Twitter followers

And in the Gallery:

  • More than 62,500 images an increase of 7000 since this time last year
  • Over 510,000 image hits
  • 1100 albums
  • 630 registered users

Thank you to all our visitors and contributors.

Stay with us as there is plenty more to come on KM UK!

Whilst we celebrate we must not forget that this day in history also marks the passing of one very important to us.  It was on the 18th May 2010 that Cold Case‘s cancellation became a reality.

I Am 4!

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us!

It only feels like 365 days since we last posted the above photo :-)

Yes, we’ve reached the 4 year milestone and it only took… errr… about 4 years :-)

A big thank you to everyone that has looked in on us during our time so far.  There is still plenty to come here on KM UK and we hope that you will join us on the journey.

A quick update on some of the site stats because who doesn’t love a few stats? :-)

  • 742 articles posted, maintaining our average of one of every 2 days
  • More then 4000 comments posted, nearly 6 per post

And for the Gallery:

  • 55,500 images and it is growing all the time
  • With over 455,000 image hits
  • Almost 1000 albums
  • We’ve just crossed the 600 registered users mark

We continue to fight the good fight against comment spam.  The site has deflected over 110,000 such comments.  The rate has reduced a little in the past few months but it is a long way from eradicated.  Not that you, dear reader, will have seen any of them.

I’m still waiting for that cake by the way! :-)

KM UK To Go Behind A Paywall – April Fool

kmuk_paywall_430x180.jpgThese harsh economic times mean that certain commitments can’t be honoured in the way we always thought they would be.  Taxes raised, funding cut, etc. etc.  Unfortunately, that includes our wish to keep KM UK freely available to all.  We had always hoped to bring you the very best content for no charge but it is proving impossible.

KM UK has been running for nearly four years and during that time we have not placed any advertising on the site or asked for any kind of donation from you, our loyal readers.  Sadly this has to come to an end.

Running a site like this costs tens of thousands of pounds per year.  The large technical team behind the scenes have families to feed.  The super computer hosting the website needs a small power-station of its own to function.  Then there’s the bribes…

All this means that from the beginning of next month KM UK will, to use the vernacular, “go behind a paywall”.  It is the way the web is going and has to be said initially:  access per registration is leaving freely open options lagging.  KM UK will 1st_month_free_150x93restricted to paying subscribers only.  To view the site you will need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription.  Later a per-article option will be added.

A year-long subscription will cost £100 / €150 / US$200.  Monthly subs will be £10 / €15 / US$20.  The per-article option is expected to be £1 / €1.50 / US$2.  Register early and receive the FIRST MONTH FREE.

Use our new KM UK Login page to create an account.

Many thanks to Sizdah Bedar for assisting with the changes.

Update:  Yes, it was KM UK’s April Fool post for this year.

KM UK Chat Page Vote Result

The Chat Page poll has been closed to new votes and the result has been declared.

Not exactly surprisingly, given the usage it has had since it was set up, the winner is the 2nd Chat system.  Well done to it.  Thank you to all that took part.

I am still not completely convinced of the value a chat page brings to KM UK but it will remain as it is for the time being.

The Chat is for general discussion that falls outside the scope of the regular posts like this one.  The normal site rules on etiquette and privacy apply of course.  Abuse will not be tolerated.

You can find the page HERE, and there is a link to it in the menu on the right.

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