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KM UK Awards 2018

The KM UK Awards like to stay up to date with current trends, reflecting what is going on around us all.  Some would call it it band-wagon jumping for comic effect, opportunist, or just lazy writing.  And those people could be best described as… correct.  It’s just a bit of fun after all.

There have been several high profile political movements this past year, denoted increasingly more regularly these days with a hash tag.  #MeToo for instance was used in reference to women speaking out against abuse and discrimination they’ve suffered for far too long.

Here at KM UK we will certainly not be trivialising such important issues.  Instead we will be going old school and referencing a television phenomenon from the recent-ish past, that is still very much in the news today:  You’re Fired!  (Ironically said by a boss to a candidate going through a prolonged televised job interview and therefore was not in a position to be fired.)  It feels like everyday at the moment someone in a high profile role is getting fired.  Either they’ve done something wrong and getting rid of them is seen as serving a purpose.  Or, they’ve done the right thing and that reflects badly on someone higher up.  It also means we can used the same icon as last year :-)

Welcome to the 2018 KM UK Awards.

Welcome to the 8th Annual ‘RichE’ You’re Fired Awards brought to you by Kathryn Morris UK

Normally we’d open the event with a big song and dance number but one of the dancers missed their cue by half a nano-second so that was them out the door.  Protests by the rest of the ensemble could only end one way so… give a big hand to Bob the doorman and his spoons.  The organisers won’t be back next year.  Don’t worry, they’ll still get their $25 fee for doing nothing other than being a friend of a friend.

Thank you Bob, that was such an ‘interesting’ interpretation of God Save The Queen.  One that could see you sent to The Tower.  We didn’t know you could even do that with spoons! 😯

Without further ado we hand you over to our Master Of Ceremonies for the evening…  What?  He’s been fired?  Why?  Apparently yesterday, at another podium, he expressed support for other award ceremonies.  Bring out the Assistant Master Of Ceremonies… He’s gone too?  What did he do?  Issued a statement backing-up the story of the MC?  Dare I ask if we even have an Assistant Assistant MC?  No?  Is Bob still here?

Here are the RichE Awards on behalf of KM UK brought to you by Bob.

Most Hired TV Executive Award

Let’s start of positive.

The big news of 2017 was Kathryn’s return to the small screen in the NBC sci-fi-ish drama series Reverie.

The show had everything needed to justify a prime-time slot in the fall/autumn schedules:  the actor Sarah Shahi fresh off the success of Person Of Interest, a Zeitgeist-y theme, and infinite scope for story lines.

The television network saw sense and commission the pilot to series and the show was added to the 2017/18 slate.

The winner of the Most Hired TV Executive Award goes to the lady or gentleman that made the courageous decision.  Congrats!

Most Fired TV Executive Award

Getting back on theme.

When the autumn/fall TV schedules were released it became very obvious that Reverie was not on the list.  The show had been moved to ‘mid-season’, meaning a likely March/April première unless another show was cancelled early in its run.  A date looked fixed.

Just days before the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived things changed again.  Now we are looking at a June 2018 start date.

The award for the Most Fired TV Executive goes to the lady or gentleman that made that decision.  Thanks!

Most Fired Film Award

It wasn’t all about the small screen in 2017.

We saw the release of the teen drama You Get Me, starring Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!), Halston Sage (Bad Neighbours), and Nash Grier (The Deleted).  The film had a slightly complicated upbring, having been filmed in early 2016, set for a release by the end of the year, which slipped to 2017, and was then picked up by Netflix.  A première finally happened at the LA Film Festival in mid-June, followed a few days later with a streaming release.

And what did we Kathryn-fans have to show for all this waiting and anticipation?  A couple of very short scenes, one of which was shot from a great distance.  It was almost impossible to tell who the actor was in that one!

For put us through all that the Most Fired Film Award goes to You Get Me.

Most Fired TV Show Award

2016 saw the first of Kathryn’s first return to the small screen post-Cold Case in the new sci-fi-ish drama series Colony.  Lucky for the makers of the show the You’re Fired Awards were not in place at the time or they’d be up for several awards for the way they misled the viewers about Kathryn’s appearances with trailers, and their treatment of Kathryn’s character Charlotte.

They have not dodged our AI-driven drone-like laser-guided gaze this year though.

Colony season two could have used Charlotte’s fate as a way to explain more about what the invading forces were doing to the humans they spirited away to a facility moon known as ‘the factory’.  They didn’t do that.  They did give us glimpses of Charlotte past through flashbacks to remind of us what her husband (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes) did, and was prepared to do, to maintain or improve his position within the human governing administration.  All totally unrealistic of course :-)

Season three of Colony is due to start soon but Kathryn definitely won’t be in it so we can confidently announce it as the winner of our Most Fired TV Show Award.

Most Hired Outfit Award

Compared to recent years 2017 was something of a bumper crop of public appearances by Kathryn.  Three!  I know!  We were beside ourselves!

There was (going from the left below):  the Tyler Ellis new fashion collection launch, the Gersh (Kathryn’s agent) Emmy party, and Kathryn’s appearance at the New York Comic Con event to promote Reverie.

To my untrained eye the first outfit was a little complex, with all it’s different shapes and fringes.  Number two was elegant its simplicity without being formal.  And Kathryn looked so fresh-faced in those small images.  Which brings us to number three.  Number three.  Kathryn’s gone a bit Austin Powers in the purple with the leggings and the boots.  We did not give the boots enough attention before!

Combine all those plus points with the fun Kathryn appeared to be having with her co-stars (Sarah Shahi and Jessica Lu) at Comic Con and it leaves only one choice.

This year’s Most Hired Outfit award can only go Kathryn’s one from the NYCC.

Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_008 gersh_emmy_party_001 nycc_010

Most Fired Outfit Award

For every hiring there must be a firing so we must also pick a Most Hired Outfit Award from the same options we saw above.

Based on the previous descriptions of the three there can only be one winner/loser in this category:  the Tyler Ellis event red and black ensemble (left below).

It is always great to see Kathryn and she always looks good but this look was the weakest of the set.

Step up outfit number three and collect your letter of resignation.  We’ve signed it on your behalf.

Tyler_Ellis_Celebrates_5th_008 gersh_emmy_party_001 nycc_010

And that brings to a close the KM UK Awards for 2018.  Thank you Bob for stepping in at the last minute.  You’re Fired!

Same goes for all you out there in KM UK land:  You’re all fired!  Get out before we call security to escort you off the premises.

The teddy bear (minus the wig) is courtesy of IconsPedia.

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