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Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Interview

009In the earlier post covering the Cougars, Inc. Hollywood première some of the images we saw were actually hi-res screencaps from an interview done with Mingle Media TV.  They’ve now posted the video of the chat with Kathryn and Kyle.  It is also on YouTube.

In the clip Kathryn talks about the fact that she and Kyle sort of worked together on Cold Case and that this dramatic change in their roles was a little odd.  They also get down to… errr… getting down to it.  There’s lots of laughs and that amazing smile is in great supply, she looks amazing.  Kyle looks a little embarrassed.

A smaller copy of the video is now in the Gallery.  No need for screencaps as we already have them.

Thanks to Mingle Media TV for making and posting the video.

Kathryn To Be At Austin Screening?

screening_poster_20110407_austin_texasA quick follow-up on the news KM UK broke last week about the forthcoming Texas screening of Cougars, Inc.

The website of Historic Maggie Mae’s bar in Austin, Texas has been updated to include details about the 2 days of events.  It opens with a “Make-A-Cougar-Hollar” (what ever that means!) cast party on Thursday night with the stars bartending.  Friday is the screening followed by another party.

The Austin Chronicle website has a listing for the event.  They’ve got the dates wrong (6th & 7th instead of 7th & 8th) and imply that many of the cast will be present, including Kathryn and Denise.  It is not clear if it is just a listing of the cast names that readers may recognise or a guest list.  At this stage we don’t know.

So far no news is available on any further screenings.  Let us know if you hear anything.

Update: A couple of promotional images from the Maggie Mae’s website have been added to the Gallery.  They give filmography details on the some of the film’s cast members.

Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première After Party

001It’s any excuse for a party over in LA.  Making a movie and then having première seems excessive.  Why not just celebrate the days ending in “Y”.  Saves all that messy filming!  :-)

After the movie screening at the Egyptian Theatre the crowd moved across the road to the Supperclub venue for a party.  We can’t show you photos of much of what went on there but those that have Kathryn will be added to the Gallery :-)

Just one so far courtesy of The Garage PR.

Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Update

009It’s taken a lot longer than anyone ever expected.  We were beginning to think this day would never come.  Yes, Kathryn attended an event in 2011!  Oh, yes, and the movie Cougars, Inc. finally gots its première :-)

The Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard hosted the much anticipated, and long-feared never happening, event.

We have an initial batch of 4 images.  They are small as they were done with cameraphones by various guests but we are  very grateful Asher Levin, Catalina Rodriguez and The Garage PR for taking them.

The photos we have so far have been added to the Gallery and more will be added as we get them.  Stay tuned!

Update: Thanks to Smallbarbie for the 6 7 lovely HQ shots of Kathryn and Kyle being interviewed by MingleMedia.

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