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Kathryn @ Bondi Beach – Feb 2008

bondi_beach_06Yes, I know, it doesn’t quite live up to billing :-(

Let’s get the list out the way right now.  Left to right we have:  Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl), Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck), Kathryn, and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural).  Only one of those shows is still going today.

Nostalgia time.  The beginning of 2008 was the time of the writers strike in Hollywood.  TV and movie production was widely shut down.  With the “talent” not able to work a bunch of them were shipped off to Australia by Warner Bros. to promote their shows in the Australasia markets, not for the other reason.

On the 12th of Feb 2008 the stars took a break from interviews at the Icebergs Dining Room & Bar on the south-west tip of Bondi Beach in New South Wales, Australia.  Apparently it is one of the best “nosheries” in Sydney.

Kathryn spent several days in Sydney doing promotional work for Cold Case.  Some great photos from two more events were covered here on KM UK back in September 2010 in an image upgrade.

Photos of Kathryn arriving at Icebergs and the group shot above can now be found in the KM UK the Gallery.  Yes Bruce, she is a right bonza Sheila 😉

Thanks to the Summer Glau Wiki for allowing KM UK to have the group photo.

bondi_beach_01 bondi_beach_03 bondi_beach_04

14 comments to Kathryn @ Bondi Beach – Feb 2008

  • amei

    yup, David, he was a REAL man!! I didn’t like him but when u compare him to Johnny he acted like a real guy!!he looked like a real guy! not like an @$$#^#$&^$^# with huge ego!! the end.

  • awwwn Kathryn looks so adorable. I miss the Cold Case days, ya know… I hope she come back someday, we never know… :)

  • Abi

    I like Johnny :) him and Kathryn make a great couple, you cant judge johnny amei, when you dont know him :-/

  • Abi

    And how can you not like someone when you dont know them personally?

  • Vany

    I think Johnny isn’t the right man for Kathryn ! … :/

  • amei

    Thanks for support Vany!!! Even If I am not meant to be with Kathryn she deserves much better, okay? She really does!! Josh Hartnett, Tom Cruise, Alexander Skarsgard… gosh, If she has to be with a guy, then she can choose much better!!!

    @Riche, u forgot about Randy& I have no idea how do u look like!! sorry, my vote is Other!!

    • amei

      okaaay, I changed my mind LOL my vote goes to Richie!! xd since I am not in your poll, good luck!! bahaha xd

      • Thank you, I’ve changed the results accordingly. I’m winning 4 to 2!

        I didn’t include Randy because we really don’t know much about him. David we’ve seen a lot. And I had to include myself of course :-)

        • amei

          good luck then!! I have a real life crush now so I am both, busy& more than confused with my feelings & it’s not funny at all.. :( & u know, I usually choose the wrong girls ;/ wrong for me at least.

  • Vany

    You’re welcome! 😉

  • Abi

    Lol no I don’t, but I’ve learnt not to judge people when I don’t know them :)

    • amei

      well, I VERY rarely(to be honest, NEVER) judge people when I don’t know them but Johnny is an exception!! He’s horrible, he has too big ego, he acts like a child& he is a joke!!! wrrrr, If I could I’d show him where is his place!! he is such an @$$^&&#&*@(0o!!!! wrrrrrr. I HATE him!!!

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