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Bone Tomahawk Becomes Award Winner In Spain

sitges_film_fest_2480x3508There is a still a day to go of the Sitges International Film Festival in Spain but they’ve announced the winners of the events awards.

Bone Tomahawk has netted a Best Director gong for S. Craig Zahler.  Who, as luck would have it, is the director.  Funny that :-)

The horror western also took the prize for the José Luis Guarner Critic Award as the best feature film.

A full list of all the winners in all the categories can be found on the official website.

Congratulations to all involved on these first pieces of silverware for the project from everyone here at KM UK.

The movie has been garnering positive comments at every screening it’s done so far.

Mention should be made of the fact that Bone Tomahawk had a budget of only $1.8m and was filmed in just three weeks.  That’s tiny compared to almost every Hollywood movie, and is especially impressive when you consider the cast that it has.  Not only are there some big names in there (Kurt Russell and Matthew Fox to give just two examples) but there are at least six people that could easily claim a large chunk of that money on their own.  Clearly this was a project they really wanted to do.

Bone Tomahawk Puts A Cork In It

cork_film_festival_680x212Bone Tomahawk had a successful weekend at the BFI London Film Festival.

We found out last week that the horror western will be heading to Wales in mid-November.

Just before reaching the Abertoir Film Festival the movie will be overshooting the valleys and landing on the south coast of the Republic Of Ireland.

The 60th running of the Cork Film Festival plays host to Bone Tomahawk in a 6:30pm screening on the 9th of November at the Gate Cinema.  That’s a Monday evening.

Tickets are €10 or less and available via the CFF website.

Thanks to Fate 815 for bringing this one to our attention.

BBFC Gives BT An 18

poster_002_1500x2215It was bound to happen.

It had to happen.

It really did.

Just ahead of the Bone Tomahawk showing at the BFI Film Festival, a month before the screening in the Abertoir event, and way ahead of the December general release of the movie in this part of the world, the UK rating organisation the BBFC has rendered its verdict.

Without the rating it is unlikely the film could be shown.  It would require specific approval from the local council for a cinema to show it.

The film has been given the 18 rating, meaning, not surprisingly, that only those 18 years of age and older can legally watch it.

The brief reason given is, not surprisingly given the subject matter:

  • strong violence

You can read more details of the content that lead to that decision on the BBFC website HERE.  I don’t think the text is particularly spoiler-laden, but you have been warned.

The UK December 11th release date, predicted here on KM UK back in September, has been confirmed recently.

Bone Tomahawk Goes For A Telluride

telluride_horror_show_1350x1725Maybe it’s the thin air.

Telluride is at over 2,500m (8,200ft) elevation above sea level, up in the mountains of south west Colorado.  And, it’s in a deep, narrow valley too.  There’s lots of mountain left above the town.

For the sixth time Telluride is holding a horror themed film festival over a long weekend, starting on Friday the 16th of October.

The Telluride Horror Show is a relatively new addition to the social calendar, they’ve had a regular film festival since the mid-70s.

A back-to-back showing (the first starts at 5:30pm) at the Nugget Theatre of Bone Tomahawk closes the event on Sunday night.  Just how many more festivals can this movie close?

The festival comprises of another 20 feature films, some of them from outside the US, most of them quite new.  There are a couple of classics in the mix too: The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Return Of The Living Dead.

There are also nearly 50 short films, again from all over the world, shown in various themed blocks.

All the details, including for tickets, can be found on the official website.

Bone Tomahawk To Kill Again At Abertoir

abertoir_horror_festival_618x206This must be some sort of record!

Has a film ever been the final item in so many film festivals across the globe?

S. Craig Zahler’s (writer/director) Bone Tomahawk will be back in the UK for the Abertoir Film Festival in Wales.  Yes, ‘abertoir’.  It’s a combination of Aberystwyth, the town the event is based in, and abattoir, another word for the horror-staple slaughterhouse.  Nicely done sirs.

Abertoir runs from the 10th to the 15th of November in the local Arts Centre.  The schedule has not yet been completed but the organisers have announced that Bone Tomahawk will be the closing film.  This means that ticket specifics are unavailable at this time.  As of writing there are said to be a few passes left for the full week though.

Check out the official website for more details.

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