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banner_176_752x497_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

To you from everyone that visits KM UK

A gentleman doesn’t discuss a lady’s age but suffice to say Kathryn is… lovely as always.

To help us celebrate this special day we are lucky to have dedicated fans who are willing to create art works just for the site.  The banner above has been created by the also January-born Diane.  Nice use of the recent photo from the New York Comic Con there.

The image has been added to the KM UK fan art gallery. which has over 700 items across banners, wallpapers, avatars, drawings, videos, and buttons.  If you would like to have your work added please contact me.  They can be event specific (birthday, Xmas, thanksgiving etc.) or general.  There is a huge amount of material in the gallery to use in compositions.

Happy 4th Of July 2017

wallpaper_111_2484x2000_smallbarbieHappy 4th of July to Kathryn, her family and all of KM UK’s friends in the US.

I think I missed this last year.  Celebrating what is good in America is probably more important than ever,  though I shouldn’t need an excuse to use friend of the site smallbarbie‘s image above.  It’s become one of our iconic pics.

Lots more fan are can be found in the KM UK Fan Art Gallery. New contributions are always welcome, please contact me if you to add something Kathryn-related.

Be My Valentine, Or Not


To Kathryn, with a healthy detachment

Happy Valentine’s Day

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banner_175_943x499_dianekmfanHappy Birthday Kathryn!

From all of us here at KM UK

This morning I looked at the calendar on my phone and it said “Kathryn Morris. All day”.  I could only agree  😉

It’s become something of an annual event that we take a moment or two today (28th Jan) to celebrate our favourite lady.  Even more than we do every other day.

Here on KM UK we are fortunate to have readers like Diane (a birthday girl herself recently, Happy Birthday Diane) who go to the time and effort to make some art work specifically to mark the occasion.  Thanks again.

The image above joins the many hundreds pieces of art made by fans just like you in the KM UK Gallery.   New items are always very gratefully received.  Please contact me if you want to have your work included.

Please feel free to leave your own messages for Kathryn in the comments below.

Fan Art Update – April 2016

It’s been quite a long time since I did a dedicated fan art update.  There have been a few event specific posts (Kathryn’s birthday for instance) which included the work of our readers since the last one.

The lack of recent posts does not mean KM UK is closed to fan art submissions.  Oh no.  Perish the thought.

By way of an update and a reminder that the door is always open here is a small collection of new Kathryn-themed avatars courtesy of long standing friend of the KM UK site Gina.  Thank you Gina for your continued support.

avatar_267_100x100_gina avatar_268_100x100_gina avatar_269_100x100_gina

Check out the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery to see the many hundreds of existing avatars, banners, drawings and videos created by fans of Kathryn and offered for hosting right here.  It’s a great source inspiration and raw materials for whatever you choose to make. And there is always the option to expand the types as requested.

If you have made some Kathryn-related Fan Art and want to share it with other fans here on KM UK please contact me.

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