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Fan Art Update – May 2011

wallpaper_091_1366x1024_richard_maissnerThis month’s Fan Art update has the privilege of welcoming another new comer to our midsts.

Alongside KM UK stalwart IcyWinter‘s new Avatars and Banners we have four Wallpapers from Richard Maissner.  As you can see from from the image above Richard does very complex, intricate work.  See all the additions in the Gallery.

Many thanks to IcyWinter and Richard for allowing KM UK to bring their art works to you all.  Hopefully we’ll see more from them both in the future.

If you have made some Kathryn-related Fan Art and want to showcase it here on KM UK please contact me.

avatar_215_100x100_icywinter banner_060_500x200_icywinter wallpaper_093_1024x768_richard_maissner

Fan Art Update – April 2011

banner_057_595x335_tiannaSpring is sprung

The grass is ris

I wonder where the fan arts iz

– Anon

It’s right here as KM UK brings you another update to the Fan Art section of the Gallery.

This time we have 19 additional items made up of Avatars, Banners, Drawings and Wallpapers & Backgrounds by IcyWinter, Smallbarbie and Tianna.  Many thanks to them for all their hard work.

If you have made some Kathryn-related Fan Art and want to showcase it here on KM UK please contact me.

avatar_210_100x100_icywinter 019_3072x2304_smallbarbie wallpaper_085_800x600_icywinter

Fan Art Update – March 2011

wallpaper_082_1689x1080_lollyAnother update for the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery.

This time we have more Avatars, Banners, Drawings and Wallpapers & Backgrounds by  IcyWinter and first-time contributor Lolly.  Thank you to both of them for their efforts.

If you have made some Kathryn-related Fan Art and want to showcase it here at KM UK please contact me.

avatar_207_100x100_icywinter banner_051_500x200_lolly drawing_018_600x600_icywinter

Be My Valentine


To Kathryn,
with boundless affection

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One Day In The Year

drawing_015_682x1024_lynneschlumpfAnd now for something a little different.

In early December last year artist Lynne Schlumpf started a project to create 51 sketches, one for every year she’s “been allowed to be on this earth.”  These drawings were to be created solely using applications for the iPhone.

Luckily for us Lynne decided to extend the project to cover a whole year (to become the 365 Days of iPhone Sketches) because on day 54, Thursday the 27th of January, seeing Kathryn on an episode of Cold Case inspired that day’s sketch (as seen on the right and in the Gallery).

“Was watching the show Cold Case and was thinking the woman who plays detective Lilly Rush has a really interesting face. Very pale with very blonde hair and sea blue eyes.” – Lynne

How do you create such images on a phone?  Good question, and one I put to Lynne.  Autodesk, best known for products like AutoCAD that cost thousands of Pounds/Dollars/Euros etc., have created some sophisticated apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad range for next to, and including, nothing.  Lynne uses their SketchBook Mobile app and is clearly enamoured with it.  There is a limited feature free version, SketchBook MobileX, for those that want to try it out.  Zen Brush by PSOFT also gets the thumbs up from Lynne.

Lynne has kindly allowed me to add her work to the KM UK Gallery.  You’ll find the full-sized version of the sketch in the Drawings area of the Fan Art gallery along with a couple more small items Lynne has created (thumbnails below).  We may be seeing more of Lynne’s work here in the future.

You can read about Lynne’s 365 Days of iPhone Sketches project and see other images she has created on her blog Art Haunts Me Everywhere.

drawing_016_374x480_lynneschlumpf drawing_017_374x480_lynneschlumpf

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