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Be My Valentine


To Kathryn, with inestimable admiration

Happy Valentine’s Day

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banner_174_796x357_dianekmfanKathryn! Happy Birthday!

From all of us here at KM UK

Today (28th Jan) is the anniversary of the day our favourite lady started brightening the world with her existence.

Thank you to Dianekmfan (the creator of the new themed banner you can see above).  It is always nice to mark the occasion with something special.

The Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery. is always open for browsing and I am very happy to accept new entries at any time.  Please contact me if you want to have your work included on KM UK.

Please feel free to leave your own messages for Kathryn in the comments below.

Update (31st Jan):  The other day Kathryn’s partner, Johnny Messner, posted a photo (now in the Gallery) of a cake he’d baked for her birthday with the following message:

Made this gluten free dark chocolate cake for someone’s birthday today!! Not a big baker but I think I handled on this one 😎


Happy 4th Of July 2015

wallpaper_111_2484x2000_smallbarbieHappy 4th of July to Kathryn, her family and all of KM UK’s friends in the US.

Just as Americans can use the date as excuse for a party, I get to use the date as an excuse to use the picture you see above again.

Friend of the site smallbarbie created the image in our early days and it’s become an iconic image for us.  Along with many others it can be found in the Fan Art Gallery.  If you want to contribute a work of Kathryn-related fan art then please contact me.

Happy Mother’s Day – Update

wallpaper_266_1600x1200_ginaFrom everyone here at KM UK

We’ve all got one, even if we don’t always appreciate them.  The least we can do is have a day in their honour.

wallpaper_266_1600x1200_ginaMother’s Day is not an occasion we’ve traditionally marked here on KM UK.  That is partly down to the fact that it hasn’t fitted in with the site’s theme (Kathryn), and partly due to the fact that in the UK we have Mothering Sunday in March whereas much of the world holds it on the second Sunday in May.  Your mileage may vary though as there is quite a spread of dates used across the year depending on your location on the global.  Check local calendars for info.

However, after what we call “the incident” we now have a good reason for jumping on the US-lead bandwagon and celebrating Mother’s Day today.  I have long-time reader Gina to thank for reminding me when she kindly sent me some fan art she created especially.

Sections of Gina’s image can be seen around this post.  Click on a pic to go to the Fan Art Wallpaper section of the Gallery to see it in full.

If you want to have any of your works of art displayed here then please contact me.

Update:  Kathryn’s partner Johnny Messner has posted a photo of her and the boys on Instagram with a heartfelt messge to mark the day.  A copy has been added to the Gallery.

Be My Valentine – Update x2


To Kathryn, with great affection

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