April 2021
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Cold Case S03E21 – The Hen House Full HD Screencaps

The Philly cop squad look into one of their oldest cases in ‘The Hen House’.  This was episode 21 of the third season of Cold Case and was first broadcast today, the 30th of April, 15 years ago (2006).

The case involved the death of a female journalist in 1945, just after the end of […]

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – April 2021

As the ‘you know what’ issue lockdowns start to ease in some parts of the world TV productions could start to pickup the pace.  However, in the normal annual process the production process tends to be slowing down around this time of year.  This was always going to make this month’s Cold Case Cast Catch-up […]

Cold Case S03E16 – Death Penalty: Final Appeal Full HD Screencaps

Lilly’s hot.  Damn hot!  And the Philly PD air-conditioning system’s inability to copy with the Pennsylvania heat is making her too warm as well :-p

Breaking with recent tradition, this series of new screencap posts from episodes first aired 15 years ago is going to include new screencaps.  They’re hot too.  Freshly made, especially for […]

Cold Case S03E19 – Beautiful Little Fool Photos Update

Beautiful Little Fool?  Beautiful Little Fool!?!  How dare you!  Beautiful? Very much so.  Little?  She is quite petite.  But, sir, I draw the line at fool! 

Early in Cold Case history it was hinted that Lilly had her issues with alcohol.  Rush was, perhaps, a lush.  She’d managed to stay away from it for […]

Cold Case S03E18 – Willkommen Photos Update

Willkommen to a new post on KM UK.  I what is increasingly inaccurately called ‘a slightly different one this week’ we have a new set of high quality, large sized promo photos, rather than new HD screencaps.  Today marks the 15th birthday of this 18th episode of Cold Case season 3 first aired in 2006.