June 2016
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – June 2016

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting worse, there’s a general gloom across the country.  It must be summer in the UK   Ten days past the solstice means it’s time for another look at the on-going careers some of our favourites in June’s Cold Case Cast Catch-up.

There isn’t much to […]

Colony S01E04 – Blind Spot Full HD Screencaps

In a few weeks the sci-fi-ish drama-ish series Colony will be released on DVD over there in that America. To mark the occasion KM UK is going to publish a series of exclusive-to-the-site (because I made them) full HD (that’s 1920×1080) screencaps in one of our Summer Of HD update series.

When was the last […]

Room(g’day)mate Wanted

It’s been a day.

A whole 24 hours, almost to the minute, has gone by since I last posted about Roommate Wanted (aka 2Br/1Ba).  That very post is here.

Having stumbled across the news that Roommate Wanted was recently released in Germany on DVD and Blu-ray formats, I also found out that in about one […]

Roommate Vanted

It’s been a year.

A whole 12 months, almost to the day, has gone by since I last posted about Roommate Wanted (aka 2Br/1Ba).  That very post, my review of the movie, is here.

I have just discovered that Roommate Wanted has been released in Germany for home viewing.  Not only is it available on […]

Like They Needed To Ask…

The TV Series Finale website is asking the question that those of us on this website already know the answer to.

Who’s the Sexiest Female Cop or Detective on TV?

We’re surprised it even needed to ask.

I give you exhibits A, B and C, your honour…

And that’s just 3 images […]

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