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Update On Alice Sweet Alice

concept_art_001Over two years since our last post on Alice Sweet Alice, and over three since any significant news, we have an update.

What exactly it means for Kathryn fans is not entirely clear but it does give us a small insight in to the world of film making.

To recap: Alice Sweet Alice was a horror movie from 1976 by the writer/director Alfred Sole.  More recently Alfred has been a production designer working on films and TV shows, including contributing to a number of seasons of Castle, which just finished its final run.  Back in 2013 Dante Tomaselli the horror writer/director, and cousin of Alfred, announced his plans to remake Alice Sweet Alice.  Kathryn was said to be involved playing the mother of the title character and would be taking a role behind the camera with her own production company.

As I said, a long time has passed with no news.

Dante has now given an interview with the iHorror website giving details on what has been happening in the intervening period.  Various attempts to secure funding fell through, including by Kathryn herself.  As Dante says:

“First, Alfred’s ex-agent was confident she had funding but, ultimately, she didn’t. Then Kathryn Morris was going to serve as Executive Producer, but she couldn’t raise the funds. She did try. That was it.”

Apparently Dante, with his co-writer Michael Gingold, has re-worked the project into a scarier film with a new script and production is being revived.  Kathryn’s further involvement is not mentioned, nor is it dismissed.  However, it is noticeable that as of earlier this month Kathryn is no longer listed on the film’s IMDb page.

You can read the full piece on the website HERE.

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