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Moneyball Deleted Scene Full HD Screencaps

screenshot_001You want the good news or the bad news?

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that so I’ll assume you said “bad”.  The bad news is that I’m able to confirm that Kathryn does not feature at all in the extras on the US Moneyball Blu-ray, except for the deleted scene we already know about.  Get the Blu-ray as it is still worth watching in HD.  Robin Wright goes unmentioned as well, but at least she got a scene in the flick 😕

And the good news… no peaking at the subject above… what do you mean you’ve already read it?  We’ll if that’s your attitude I’m not going to tell you  😡

Oh, OK, I can’t stay mad at you :-)  The good news is that we now have 30 full HD (1080p) screencaps of the lovely oh-so Kathryn from the Billy/Tara restaurant scene.  You can find them in the Gallery.  They are a little grainy, which is probably down to the darkness of the restaurant setting.

deleted_scene_003 deleted_scene_009 deleted_scene_012

8 comments to Moneyball Deleted Scene Full HD Screencaps

  • icywinter2

    I’m still not going to see it, but Bennett Miller should have left the scenes with her in. Why he chose to cut them, we’ll never know :(

    • Finn

      I wish I could find the article but,I can’t! It stated that Brad Pitt had a say in the final cut and was responsible for helping get the film made! There were also rumors that were first reported by TMZ,that Angelina Jolie had a hand in getting Kathryn’s scene’s deleted but Brad told them it was his decision!

      One thing is certain tho and its that will never know the real reason Kathryn’s scene’s got deleted,no matter what kind of spin is put on it!

      Like u,I won’t see Moneyball even when it becomes available for $1.00!

      • I’m sure Brad had a significant say in the film but whether he suggested cuts or not we don’t know. The stuff about Angelina being involved is almost certainly nonsense. Typical tabloid rubbish to make a headline.

        As I’ve said elsewhere Kathryn was likely cut for reasons of time and simplicity. Her character introduced another story line that the film didn’t need to get its story across.

        • Finn

          Hi RichE,

          Thanks for the help in getting me access into The Gallery section. RichE your very astute & knowledgable about the film industry and as I’m sure your aware the industry is all about lies & deceptions with somewhere in between the truth lies.

          Its all about “Smoke & Mirrors”,therefore,tho I agree with u on your points made that we will never know the reasons behind KM deleted scene’s, u have to admit there’s more to it that meets the eye.

          I don’t buy into the reason of time constraints or it just wasn’t necessary therefore eliminate it,that to me means you didn’t plan it out very well and u wasted money in the process!

          By the way,I enjoyed your review on “Cougar,Inc.” it was spot on!

          • I don’t think that there is more to it than meets the eye. There’s no conspiracy here.

            It is unfortunate that Kathryn’s scenes were filmed and not used but such things happen all the time. Film making is a creative process and things change as they go along. The original plan, good as it may be, is unlikely to be the way things turn out. Some scenes will run longer than planned, some shorter. On the set a new idea will come up and they’ll run with it.

            Watch the deleted scene extras on any DVD with the Director’s Commentary on and they nearly always say the same thing: “This was a great scene, I really hated having to cut it but it just slowed the film down.”

            After they put together the initial edit they clearly felt that the Tara character added an unnecessary dimension. The daughter gave them the family life side of things. The ex-wife put the daughter in context. The 2nd wife wasn’t necessary.

            Why I’m defending this so much I’m not sure but it really is very common. Look at The Last Castle…

            Thanks for the Cougars, Inc. review review :-) I didn’t like being so critical of a movie Kathryn was in, but to claim it is a good film just because of her would be wrong. I tried to be objective.

            Now Cougars, Inc. is a film that I can say that was more to it than meets the eye. It was almost certainly the victim of commercial pressures.

          • Finn

            It wasn’t my intent to put u on the defensive or to imply any conspiracy regarding Kathryn’s scenes! I apology id u felt that!

            Its just my observation/opinion having worked on/off in the film industry for 25+ years in a variety of positions. I’ve seen careers destroyed on the basis of someone’s lies or rumors.

            I hope we can just agree to disagree on it w/o any hurt feelings! I do repect your insight & I hope u can respect mine. As far as Cougars,Inc. goes,I thought u gave an honest unbaised opinion and in fact u could have been more critical.

          • No apology necessary. I didn’t mean that I was being defensive in that way. I’m not happy about Kathryn’s scenes being cut but I understand the likely reasons why.

            You certainly didn’t hurt my feelings and I hope I didn’t yours. I am more than happy for such debates to continue and welcome your insights. I respect all opinions as long as they are put rationally and within basic rules of etiquette that I hope no-one would object to.

            There was only so critical of Cougars, Inc. that I could be. It had some good elements and brought us much Kathryn, and much Kathryn. For that reason alone I can’t dislike it entirely :-)

          • Finn

            Thanks for the understanding,it is appreciated,as far as,Cougars,Inc.,I thought your review hit on all the key elements & had great points as to why the film fell short on telling a story.
            I didn’t have an urgency to want to understand the reasoning for the characters,honestly there was too much going in the film,for me to identify with any of the actors,I wasn’t moved to want to know more about any character there movitation for there actions was confusing,at times,which made me lose interest in the storyline,it just didn’t flow for me,it was to incoherent to follow!
            Basically,it didn’t move me to want to know more about there lives,I was uninterested from the very beginning!

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