October 2015
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – October 2015

I know we are on the eve of Halloween but don’t be afraid this is just our CCCC-up (Cold Case Cast Catch-up) round up for October 2015.  If there is significant news about the on-going career of the major players in the TV that was lead by Kathryn we bring it to you each […]

Bone Tomahawk HD Screencaps

Most of the information suggested that Bone Tomahawk would be released in US cinemas on Friday, and it would be available via VOD platforms at the same time.

Last week a review on the JoBlo website decried the lack of a cinema release for a film the writer felt needed to be seen on the […]

Bone Tomahawk Starts Swinging Today

It has been just over a year since news broke that after a prolonged pre-production period Bone Tomahawk started actual production.

The short filming schedule, very small budget, and limited post-production special effects has meant quite a short turn around.  Certainly quicker than much Hollywood fare.

Premièring a month ago at Fantastic Fest and screening […]

One Thing Leeds To Another For Bone Tomahawk

They’re coming thick and fast at the moment.

That rather enigmatic log on the right is the symbol used by the Leeds International Film Festival.

The city of Leeds is in the self-styled ‘god’s own country’ county of Yorkshire in the north of England.

Hundreds of screenings, over a dozen venues, all packed in to […]

Bone Tomahawk Gets Off Scot (Not) Free

More film festival news means Bone Tomahawk will be continuing to stride the globe like a colossus into November.

The award winning film has more US screenings this weekend in Telluride, Colorado.

It’s already been shown in England as part of the BFI London Film Festival.  We know the horror western will be in Wales […]

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