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The Perfect Guy Euro Release Dates – Update x2

One date is never enough is it?  How about three?

Back in late October I reported that the thriller The Perfect Guy could be seeing the light on day here in England in a year’s time.  Of course at the end of November in England there’s not a lot of daylight to be seeing.

That 27th November 2015 release date for The Perfect Guy in the UK has now been more officially confirmed by its appearance on the film’s IMDb page.  Score one for KM UK!

It has been joined by dates for Germany and Sweden.  The Swedes are always ahead of the game so a 6th November release should come as no surprise.  The Germans, however, only get a single day’s advantage over the UK.  There is more to Europe than the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden of course.  For a start if certain people have their way the UK won’t be part of it any more.  No news on France, Spain, etc. etc.

Still no sign of a home country appearance.  The 19th June 2015 made a brief appearance, as reported here in August, for a US showing but has yet to be seen again.  It’s a little odd.  You’d expect it to be the other way around with America info known first.

The Perfect Guy stars Sanaa Lathan (Boss), Michael Ealy (Almost Human), and Morris Chestnut (Legends).  After leaving her longterm boyfriend (Morris), Leah (Sanaa) meets the titular perfect guy (Michael).  Unfortunately in this case “perfect” is spelt “psycho” and “guy” is spelt “stalker”.  Kathryn’s role is as a close friend of Leah.

More as and when we get it.

Update (6 Dec):  Belgium has been added to the list with an 18th November 2015 release date.

Update (7 Dec):  A now France has been included, sharing the 18th November with Belgium.

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