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Revival House Extension #5

revival_house_430x38Only 6 months left.

Three years ago I first reported on the creation of Revival House, Kathryn’s production company after the abandonment of the earlier Hotplate Productions.  Revival House was first mentioned in relation to a drama project that never saw the light of day.  Since then I have noted the milestones in the process the Revival House trademark has gone through.

In April 2012 the registration received its Notice Of Allowance, meaning it had been cleared for use.  The next step is for the trademark to be used commercial and evidence of that lodged in a Statement Of Use (SOA) to the United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO).  Once that’s done and accepted the trademark is officially registered.  You initially have 6 months after the NOA to submit the SOA.  If that doesn’t happen a 6 month extension can be applied for.  Up to 5 such extra time periods, giving a total of 3 years from the NOA, can be requested before the trademark is abandoned.

Earlier this month the latest, and last allowed, extension request was accepted by the USPTO.  This means that Kathryn has until next April to use, and prove use of, the Revival House trademark.  The Alice Sweet Alice film that’s still in development is being done under the auspices of Revival House.  Hopefully we will hear more before the April 2015 deadline on the trademark.

For those suitably interested in such things the Trademarkia website has all the details.

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