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Hotplate Goes Cold?

Artist extraordinaire Smallbarbie has turned supersleuth again by tracking down another lead.

According to the information Smallbarbie found on the TradeMarkia website, Kathryn’s Hotplate Productions company has not renewed the trademark on its name as per the normal 6 month schedule.  The last update was in November last year.

First registered in June 2007, the trademark has lapsed into an “abandoned” state after no extension was filed last month.  This could be the result of an oversight, it has been correctly done previously, but it could also be deliberate.  We’ve not heard of any new projects from Hotplate since this site exclusively revealed that the TV show Sendera, a co-production with Eva Longoria’s company, was not picked up by the ABC network earlier this year.

Hotplate Productions was original formed by Kathryn with her then partner, Cold Case producer/director, David Barrett.

What this could mean for Kathryn’s plans to work more behind the cameras is not clear.  Of course, we here at KM UK wish her the best in all her future endeavours.

Thanks to Smallbarbie for the heads-up.

3 comments to Hotplate Goes Cold?

  • icywinter2

    Kathryn doesn’t need to have a production company to work behind the camera. A lot of Actors/ Actresses direct, produce and write that don’t have a production company.

    This isn’t in any way the end of her career as an actress. It’s all about money, perhaps Kathryn chose to close her production company because there wasn’t any money coming in, so in theory no sense to keep it running.

    This website doesn’t really explain anything, I’m sure there’s other trademark websites that one can renew their company. There isn’t just one. Kathryn could have used another…

    • All US trademarks are dealt with by the USPTO, they are the only body with the authority. The USPTO site shows exactly the same information about Hotplate Productions’ trademark.

      TradeMarkia are one of many companies that provide access to the publicly available information and they will help people with trademarking for a fee. There is nothing to suggest that TradeMarkia are involved with this filing. It was likely done directly by a lawyer.

  • icywinter2

    It’s too bad, but not all production companies survive. I don’t think this will have any effect on her acting career, since it’s two seperate things.

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