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Kathryn @ ‘Intent To Live’ Book Party – Feb 2005

intent_to_live_003Kathryn looked dressed for winter back in February of 2005. Appropriately enough because it was winter!

intent_to_live_001I know I could do with a bit of warming up myself, it’s been pretty cold here in England the past few weeks.  And who better than Kathryn as she looks pretty hot here.  Or just pretty.  And hot  😉

In the previous post we saw that Kathryn had escaped Los Angeles and headed to the southern hemisphere at this time of year in 2008.  Our way-back machine has to work even harder this time to reach 2005 for this one.  Feb 10th, 2005, to be precise.

intent_to_live_003A party was held to celebrate the launch of a book called Intent To Live by the renowned acting coach Larry Moss.  Apparently, everybody who is anybody in Hollywood has been taught or helped by Mr Moss at some stage in their career.  We don’t know actually know if Kathryn is amongst them but her presence at this event quite early in her career would suggest she is.  Oops, I’d forgotten this:  the official KM website does actually that Kathryn trained with Larry for 8 years.  Of course, the same “About” text contains numerous errors…

You can see more about Larry Moss and his work on his own website here.

3 small photos of Kathryn attending the Intent To Live book party are now available in the KM UK the Gallery.

4 comments to Kathryn @ ‘Intent To Live’ Book Party – Feb 2005

  • Almost ten years ago! It’s like a Tardis or something… Wait, are you the new Doctor, Riche? Where is Peter Capaldi? Is Kathryn your companion? haha

    She looks amazing!

    Well… The weather here is hot, really hot, 36ºC right now and I’m melting (Seriously, I miss rain, cold, blankets, hot coffee). But Kathryn looks pretty hot too… :)

    • Oh no! My secret identity has been discovered 😯

      I killed him after he regenerated from Matt Smith and took his place 😀

      When I get rid of that Jenna Coleman… or maybe I can keep both 😉

      I think I’d prefer the cold we have here in England now to 36degC 😎

  • amei

    naaah, Leave Clara alone 😉 she’s cute!!

  • amei

    btw, Love the idea @Karen!! Kathryn as Doctor’s companion!

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