March 2014
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – March 2014

Time for another update on the work of the other main cast members of Cold Case in KM UK’s monthly round up we call the Cold Case Cast Catch-up.  Appropriately enough for the time of year this is March’s round-up

The first official trailer for new the movie remake of comedy musical Annie hit […]

Kathryn @ Toyota Race Training – March 2007

The start of a new season raises thoughts of the prospects it brings.  All the changes to come.  So many possibilities.  The sights, the sounds (or lack of), the smells.  The ugly noses!

What?!?  Spring?  No, I meant the 2014 season of Formula One that kicked-off in Melbourne, Australia,  the weekend before last.  It’s a […]

C.U. At C.I.F.F.?

A quick reminder of the upcoming screenings of The Coin at the Cleveland International Film Festival, as reported last month.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday, 20th March) the short film by director/writer/producer Fabien Martorell will be shown four times in the early days of the event.  Each time it will be shown alongside other short films.  2:15pm […]

Yet Another Fake KM Twitter Account

I thought/hoped we were past this.

In the last couple of weeks another Twitter account that is trying to pass itself off as Kathryn has appeared.  It goes by the Twitter handle of @IMorrisKathryn and uses the image on the right as the avatar.  (The image is taken from the deviantART website and is by […]

Minority Report – Sunday on BBC1

I don’t need to be a future seeing ‘Pre-Cog’ named Agatha to see something lovely in the future for UK TV viewers this coming weekend.  Or do I….?  No, I just need to be a TV guide reading Pre-Bed person in England 

This coming Sunday night (16th March) BBC One gives us it’s annual […]

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