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Kathryn Is Sunday’s Mother

Sunday Marks imageLook what turned up in a recent bit of searching!

Kathryn is going to make a new short film!  It’s called Sunday’s Mother and she is playing the role of Gillian Marks, mother of troubled boy Sunday.

In the project’s own words:  Sunday’s Mother is a dramatic coming-of-age short film about the conflict and paranoia a timid highschooler, Sunday (Chase Ellison), goes through when he is blackmailed by the school bully who threatens to tell everyone that he had sex with Sunday’s mother (played by Cold Case’s Kathryn Morris).

Award winner Aaron Jackson wrote the screenplay and will direct the film.  Riley Smith (Joan Of Arcadia) plays Jason, a “love interest” for Gilloan.  The role of Roger the bully is, as yet, not cast.

I’ve been in contact with Aaron and producer Andrew Corkin.  They have confirmed that Kathryn is “100% locked in” to the project, which is fantastic news.  Production is due to start on the 8th of July.

I say “due to start” because these things are rarely as simple as that.  It takes money to make a film and this is where you, dear reader, can make a difference.  Together we can help get this film, starring our favourite lady, made.  To raise money for Sunday’s Mother Aaron is looking for pledges to be made via the website Kickstarter.  You can find the  Sunday’s Mother page HERE, it has details of the rewards you can receive for pledging.  A mere $50 will get you a “Thank you” credit in the film.

KM UK will be doing whatever it can to support this project.  You can help by spreading the word.  Tell everyone you know about the film and send them to the Sunday’s Mother page for your pledges.

Fictional character Sunday Marks has his own Facebook page.  The production company Titan Picture Media’s website has a page about Sunday’s Mother HERE.  Permanent links Sunday’s Mother related pages are in a menu on the right.

We will have more on this very soon.

7 comments to Kathryn Is Sunday’s Mother

  • icywinter2

    That’s great news, I can’t afford to donate any money at this time, I’m on a very tight budget.

    Since it’s a short film, this probably will be shown at sundance. I can’t imagine it hitting theaters, I could be wrong. Usually short films aren’t made for theaters but more among festivals and tv.

    Judging from what I’ve read above, it seems like it will be focused more on the highschooler that’s being bullied rather than Kathryn.

    The sex part is odd, but it might not even have any sex scenes. It could just be a lie or something.

  • Is it just me, or does Kathryn get some majorly sexed-up roles? There’s Nurse Platt, Alison, and now this one! Not that most of us mind. 😉

    I’m super excited that she’s gotten another offer. That’s my girl. 😀

    • It’s just you 😉

      Don’t forget Rita (Paycheck) and let’s face it Lilly had her moments 😮

      It shouldn’t be a surprise as Kathryn is sooooo gorgeous 😀

      • Really, Rich? I thought you would be the first to point something like this out. 😉

        I’ve never seen Paycheck, but I think I should now! :p :)

        I was going to mention Lilly, but the whole role didn’t focus on that. I also didn’t want to get mauled by Lilly defenders. :p

        • icywinter2

          @Lolly- Km’s scenes are very small. Actually she just has this passionate kiss with Ben Affleck at the beginning and that’s it.

          Kathryn is not in the rest of the movie ( Paycheck). Just go onto youtube and look under her name a clip of her in this movie is up there.

          You don’t need to see the movie, it’s pointless.

        • Full HD screencaps of Kathryn in Paycheck are in the gallery. There’s also a small video clip that covers Kathryn’s appearance.

          It is an OK action film but there is little point watching beyond Kathryn’s small role. Lucky they’ve got all of Kathryn’s scenes in the first 10 minutes so you don’t need to watch any more than that.

  • icywinter2

    @Lolly- I was thinking the same, only that I do mind. I don’t want Kathryn turning into a sexed-up star. Mostly fake celebrities that appear on reality show are those types.

    I don’t think this movie will be like Cougars at all. It’s also a very short movie, so the storyline will focus on the son; not on Kathryn so much. She’ll probably act like a mother, what I do think is that there’s just a story about the bully sleeping with her, but we’ll never see it.

    I could be wrong… It is a short film, and about bullying. I doubt it will have a sex scene.

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