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Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Part 2

009Time to revisit the recent première event for Cougars, Inc. held on the 31 of March.

Lots of new photos have been added to the Gallery most of them large sized and high quality.  Also there is an update to one of the earlier ones.  There will be more later.

Thanks to, amongst others, Smallbarbie for the help.

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10 comments to Kathryn @ Cougars, Inc. Première – Part 2

  • icywinter2

    Great photos, as always Kathryn looks great :) Doesn’t even look 42!!

  • Lolly

    Once again, I am IN LOVE with those shoes.

    • icywinter2

      @Lolly- The more that I look at those shoes, the more I like them also :) I don’t know how she even walks in heels like that…

  • smallbarbie

    It’s easier to walk in heels like that than in low-heeled shoes.

  • icywinter2

    @Smallbarbie- Actually it’s the opposite,there are different kinds of lower heels which are easily to walk in.

    It also depends on how tall the person is for high heels that is.
    It’s easier to walk in higher heels if your tall but not if your short.

    Yet I’m not arguing,I’m just explaining the difference. Kathryn can wear high heels because she’s taller and it makes it easier for her to walk in. If she was short it would be a different story.

  • smallbarbie

    Yeah, I didn’t think about short people. :/

  • Lolly

    Actually, I’m pretty short (5 feet, 2 inches), and I find it insanely easy to walk in heels. Of course, that might have something to do with taking ballet for 14 years. :p

    Once again, I’m very excited for this movie. 😀
    Guess who’s going to be the first person in line at the store to buy it?
    This girl, right here. 😀

  • icywinter2

    @Lolly- I would advise you to first rent it, it’s better that way. Why spend the money on something you don’t know if you are going to like. Do whatever you want, I’m just advising :)

    I’m not going to see it, given my feelings I’ll pass. Not really into movies like this one.
    Directv is showing on demand for $ 5.99. That’s a bit outrageous, yet I haven’t seen it listed up under the pay-per-view channels.

    As for the shoes, I think because you did ballet it’s easy. I’m the same height and find it very hard to walk in heels. Ballet stregenths both your legs and feets, but for people who don’t dance it’s harder….

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