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Walking Dead Premiere, Oct 2010 – Rises Again

001Back in 2010 Kathryn made a few public appearances.  Remember them?  Heady days indeed :-) Today we are returning to one of them to bring you some additional pictures from the event to mark the première of the TV show The Walking Dead.  You can read about it here in the original post.  There weren’t many pictures of Kathryn available but the few that there were certainly got us talking :-)

The new photos are little unusual compared to what we are used to seeing from this kind of red carpet event.  The photographer, going by the name of Gee Dub, is a professional but on this occasion he was stood with other fans rather than the snappers so the pics were taken at a greater distance than normal.  This makes for an interesting set of shots as they are taken from a different perspective.  The event as a whole was odd due to the presence of “zombies” wandering around.

Gee Dub has added a watermark around the edge of each image, but it is subtle and doesn’t detract from the subject.  I wouldn’t normally add watermarked photos to the Gallery but I am happy to do so in this case and give credit where credit is due.

Thanks to Gee Dub of the Dimex website for the photos.

6 large images have been added to the Gallery.

007 009 010

10 comments to Walking Dead Premiere, Oct 2010 – Rises Again

  • icywinter2

    Seeing these makes me wish she would do more public apperances. I wonder why she hasn’t recently??

  • smallbarbie

    I would like to know what is going on with Kathryn. From July 2008 to February 2009 she had a long break in public appearances and now she has break again.

    • icywinter2

      @Smallbarbie- Could be that there’s no need for Kathryn to doing public apperances, Celebrities do have a life outside of the spotlight. She does have a production company, Kathryn has said that she wants to produce. Could be working on a new project to produce.

      We’ll probably not know, which is fine with me. Kathryn keeps her personal life; private, and I really respect that. I don’t like hearing what does on in celebrities personal lives.

      It’s not of anyone’s business, but their own. That is to me… Hopefully Kathryn does decided to return to tv, I think at this point television is more of her thing.

  • smallbarbie

    I know Kathryn has a life outside of the spotlight but I’m sick when I don’t see her for a long time.

    • icywinter2

      @Smallbarbie- You’re not the only one, but be patient. Kathryn’s not a diva that has to be in the spotlight 24-7. I’m sure we’ll be seeing newer pictures of her soon.

      It’s only weird because of the Cancellation of Cold Case almost a year again. We’re so accoustomed to be seeing Kathryn. Now with it over, we just have get used of not seeing her as much.

      Kathryn choses what events she wants to go to, I’m sure they’ll be something before her premire of Moneyball on September 23rd.

      • smallbarbie

        ugh, I know but it’s just… I’m angry at Kathryn because she does it to me to us, it makes me sick :(:(

        • icywinter2

          @Smallbarbie- Kathryn isn’t doing anything to you, she doesn’t even know you. She has a life that doesn’t involve the spotlight, and a production company. Celebrities don’t have to be in the spolight.

          No need to get so angry, over this. It’s not worth it….

  • smallbarbie

    She is a celebrity so she should remember about their fans. Why she doesn’t have an official site or twitter account like Denise Richards??? A lot of celebrities have an official site or Twitter account and keeps in touch with their fans.

    • icywinter2

      @Smallbarbie- I think you are taking things too personally. Kathryn does remember her fans

      Kathryn does care about her fans, second Asher Levin convinced her to get a twitter page. She doesn’t use it because kathryn has said that she’s not an internet savvy person. A lot of adults aren’t.

      It’s not personal, don’t take that way. Kathryn likes her fans, but she’s not the type that wants to be in the public eye 24-7. You’re sounding like you’re starting to hate her. Don’t, it’s not personal…

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