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Yes, Sendera.  That’s the title of the soap opera that Kathryn and Eva Longoria Parker are co-producing for the ABC television network in the US.  The one Kathryn mentioned in an interview at the Environmental Media Association Awards earlier this year. The signing of the deal has been on the cards for over a month but it must now have been completed.

Kathryn’s Hotplate Productions, Eva’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment and ABC Studios are co-creating the drama about two wealthy families, one either side of the Texas-Mexico border, and their on-going feud.

It seems that Kathryn, Alan Barnette, Josh Gold and Sally Robinson (script writer) developed the show with Eva and Virginia Trinkle (Unbelievable) joining Kathryn, Alan and Sally as executive producers.

It may be unrelated but there is a neighbourhood of Oak Hill in Austin, Texas called Sendera.  The word is also Catalan for “path”.

Read the story, as broken by Nellie Andreeva, at  Variety have their take on the story here.

10 comments to Sendera?

  • Icywinter2

    That’s really great news, and the fact that it’s not another reality show is even better. I wish Kathryn all the luck as a producer, although she’s not starring in it; I will certainly check it out once it airs :-)

  • Lolly

    “Eva Longoria Parker

    Hahahaha, rouuuggghhh. :p

    This is fricken awesome, I can’t wait! I need some new shows to watch. 😀

  • Icywinter2

    It didn’t specify when exactly the show will air, I’m guessing it’s still offically waiting to be greenlight for either fall 2011??

  • niiny

    Nicely done the “Parker” thing xD.. I read a summary of Sendera (in French) when I looked for some Kathryn’s news.It seems to be a nice TV shows I’m happy that Kathryn and Eva work together they’re both amazing 😀 … I can’t wait to see Kathryn Morris credited as “script writer)” it will be the beginning of a new thing 😀

  • @ Lolly & niiny: It had to be done :-)

    @ IcyWinter: I would guess that now the deal has been signed they will work towards making a pilot. If that is successful they’ll make more episodes. Perhaps a run during the summer, as they often do for new shows, will happen.

    @ niiny: I think Kathryn will be credited as Producer, not a script writer.

    It is interesting, though not surprising, that the press has focussed on Eva’s involvement. Kathryn is almost an aside like “oh yes, that woman from Cold Case is co-producing.” However, the Deadline article makes it clear that Hotplate Productions created the show and UnbeliEVAble Entertainment has joined to co-produce.

    So we have two families: one Mexican, one Texan. Both families will need a strong female lead. Who do we think would be ideal to play should leads? Our co-producing ladies perhaps? :-) It won’t happen, but it would be good.

    Do we want to speculate on possible actors?

  • Icywinter2

    One thing confuses me, Kathryn was part of developing this show. However she didn’t actually write the script, so she won’t be credited with that. Only as Co-producer right??

  • niiny

    I read this on a french website “Josh Gold and Sally Robinson are announced as the executive producers and the script writers of this show.”

    • Thanks niiny. There does seem to be some confusion over exactly who is doing what. I am taking the original Deadline article as the most accurate because I know that Nellie Andreeva has been on top of this story for weeks. The other reports seem to be primarily based on that one.

      I’ve seen a Fox News website state that Kathryn and Eva will be starring in the show, which I don’t believe at all. Kathryn made it very clear she is behind the cameras for this one and does not intend on doing TV roles for the foreseeable future to concentrate on movies.

      • Icywinter2

        @RichE- Fox News has it wrong, and that news source isn’t to be trusted. You are right to believe Kathryn, over inaccurate source that tends to fabricate the truth.

        If anyone knows the truth it’s Kathryn, she did state that she isn’t going to be on TV, but as you said behind the cameras.

        The producing part is right, just in case anyone here believes that she will be in the show which isn’t true. Hopefully one day we’ll get to see Kathryn back on TV in front of the cameras.

        Producing is going to get her more known which is a very positive thing, and excellent for her career :-)

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