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Global Warming Reaches New High – Update x13

arrivals_004Kathryn attended, and presented an award at, The Environment Media Association Awards again last night (16 October 2010).

This is the 20th running of the event and Kathryn’s 3rd appearance.  I can safely say that she has never looked better at this event.  The two previous times were, in my opinion, rare fashion misses for Ms. Morris.  Not this year.  She looked amazing in a small blue dress.

Is that the hint of a tan?  The remnants of the one tan she was sporting in the recent Moneyball filming photos perhaps?

With the chill in the increasingly autumnal British air and environmental issues causing events like this, suddenly global warming doesn’t seem such a bad idea :-)

Various images and videos have been added to the Arrivals, On Stage, Backstage and Video sub-albums of the 20th Annual Environment Media Association Awards entry in the Gallery.

arrivals_059 on_stage_002 arrivals_007

Update: I’ve added a video and screencaps from said video to the Gallery.  The video is of Kathryn posing for the cameras as we’ve seen in the photos.  Frankly it’s better with the audio off because it is just Kathryn being ordered about by the photographers.  She very graciously, and beautifully, smiles and poses though.  Thanks to Katrin & Icywinter for the simultaneous emails about this.  A small on stage image was added earlier too.

Update 2: Another video’s been added to the Gallery.  This one is an interview.  It’s watermarked but there are lots of great smiles to compensate :-)

Update 3: 7 HQ images have been added to the collection in the Arrivals, On Stage and Backstage albums.  I’ve moved these update reports to after the jump to tidy up.

Update 4: 16 new HQ arrivals photos have been added to the Gallery.  Big thanks to Bikini.

Update 5: A 2nd interview video to watch, plus HD (though not great quality) screencaps to look at.  In the video Kathryn says that Cold Case ended well and when they expected it to (contracts ending etc.), that she’s doing a lot of behind the scenes TV production work including working a night time soap opera with Eva Longoria that’s been sold to ABC.  And Moneyball is due out in September next year!  Big thanks to Karen for this one.

Update 6: This event just keeps on giving!  42 updates, some new, some upgrades, some massive images across the Arrivals, On Stage and Backstage albums.  All marvellous :-)  Thanks to WM.

Update 7: On stage video of Kathryn presenting the award for Best Documentary Film has been added to the Gallery, and some screencaps of it as well.

Update 8: Another new HQ arrivals photo has been added.

Update 9: Kathryn’s ring, earrings and bracelet are apparently by Sutra.

Update 10: 8 more HQ arrival photos have been added.

Update 11: Kathryn’s shoes are part of the Love collection by Enzoani.  This particular ones are the gray Holly model.

Update 12: There is another video from this event which includes a couple of snippets of Kathryn.  You can find it HERE at the Mother Nature Network (MNN).  Some of the elements are actually from last year’s event as you can see by the less successful hair-do and red dress.

Update 13: Following on from update 12 we now have Maximum Morris edits and HD screencaps of the MNN video in the 2009 and 2010 EMAA albums.

39 comments to Global Warming Reaches New High – Update x13

  • Nscha

    OMG, she looks so GOOD! She’s literally glowing thanks to her new tan! The dress is sooooo much better than last year… *cringe*
    Love to see her in the spotlight again.
    Thanks RichE!

  • Carrie

    OMG…..that dress? wow
    I saw it this morning on and I thought…He is definitely gonna post it today. thx :-)

  • katrin41

    Thank you for the pics!

  • Icywinter2

    I really don’t like her with a tan, she doesn’t look good with one either. I love her shoes and the dress, I almost bought that same exact pair of shoes once!!

  • niiny

    I was right in my other post about her tan :) I saw the pictures she’s really cute and well dressed ! She’s the BEST 😀

    • Icywinter2

      Perhaps the tan wasn’t for the movie, Is it just me of does she appear be looking a bit younger?? Especially how she’s dressed.

  • azerty

    hi, RICHE
    Always charmed to see of new photographs and video of KATHRYN MORRIS same if I do not include/understand what it speaks it is always also smiling thank you .

  • Icywinter2

    Who’s the guy that she’s with??

    • He looks quite like Asher Levin, the write/director of MLH, but I’ve seen nothing that says who he is. He is just listed as “guest” when he is mentioned.

      If it is Asher perhaps Kathryn is taking him to events like this get him used to it and/or to introduce him to people in the business prior to MLH coming out.

      • Icywinter2

        One guy that was mentioned wasn’t Asher Levin but some movie producer. I wonder if the other guy is a love interest or someone she just simply chose to go with??

        • The guy with Kathryn in the backstage photo is Josh Fox, he’s the writer/director/producer of a documentary film called Gasland that was up for an award. I’m guessing that Kathryn was the one that presented that award and that he won it.

  • Lolly

    Hot damn, that dress is sexy! 😀 And I’m loving the tan. :)

  • Icywinter2

    Thanks, I don’t think the tan was for her movie. Kathryn probably went on vacation, plus there was a heat wave in California…

    Whatever I’m glad that we’re getting to see new photos of her :-)

  • Nscha

    Great to have some videos to go with the gorgeous pics!
    I like how her hair is blond all over again and not the blond-on-top-brown-on-the-bottom-shade, it drove me nuts…

  • I love the tan. She rocked the dress. Her boobs are lookin’ a little perky? I guess that’s what being around Brad Pitt does ;)LOL!
    She’s just incredible! <3

    "It's not just the sea levels that are rising!"
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I honestly laughed for like, an hour. My mom had to come upstairs and make sure I was alright. <3

    • Icywinter2

      @ Tianna- I didn’t notice that, but that’s probably not why. Her dress is a two piece outfit; her hair does look nice. She does look better with it longer than short!!

      • It was a joke.

        What exactly suggests that her dress is a two-piece? That would mean it’s not a dress…


        • Icywinter2

          Dresses can be either two pieced or one. It’s a dress it just means it has a seperate top and bottoms, you just pay for it as a whole thing.

          @ Tianna- Sorry I didn’t know that you were joking. I take things too seriously sometimes.

  • Nscha

    I just saw the new pics, is her tattoo gone? Or is it covered by her hair?

  • Nscha

    I looked at some old pics and I’m pretty sure it’s gone, it used to be quite to the side en should be visible even with her hair like that… HERE

  • Icywinter2

    Her tattoo isn’t gone, it’s just covered. Kathryn specially got the tattoo for a former manager of hers whom first helped her in hollywood.

    It was probably just covered up by hair. Just remember they do photoshop all the photos, you know how hollywood is.

  • Icywinter2

    @Nscha- There has been photos of her this year and last, showing her with it. That photo you posted was taken in 2007.

    • Nscha

      I know the pic is from 2007, it was just to show the position of the tattoo. I’ve seen the tattoo after that as well. This is just the first even where I don’t despite the revealing dress.

  • Icywinter2

    HERE and in this photo you can’t really see her tattoo due to the way the position of her arm is.

    It’s near or on her shoulder bone, when she’s posed like this it’s impossible for anyone to spot a tattoo. Sorry but I have to disagree no harm done :-)

    • The tattoo is actually much further out, just above the armpit, as you can in the Emmy 2007 photo. If it was visible it would be in that over the shoulder shot from this EMAA event. They may Photoshop some photos but I doubt they do much with these type of event shots.

      The tattoo is not visible in the arrivals video, which won’t have been altered, so I think she covered it with make-up. I can’t see her having it removed.

      • Nscha

        I must agree with RichE, although I don’t understand why she would cover it up this time. She hasn’t done that before…

      • Carrie

        I’m also pretty sure she just covered it. If you zoom really close to the spot where the tattoo should be it seems like you can the the make up. Like It’s shimmering through. I can’t imagine her removing it. She dedicated it to her former manager like IcyWinter said.

        I have agree with Nscha why now and not in the past..

    • Nscha

      I’m not convinced… In other pics the tattoo seems to far to the side it’s almost on her upper arm and that part is clearly visible on the recent pic and the tattoo is not there. Until I see a pics form this event with the tattoo I personally am going te believe it’s gone.

      • Icywinter2

        @Nscha- Honestly you really cannot see a tattoo the way her arm is positioned. Especially where Kathryn’s is. I don’t get why you don’t think she has it anymore, but she does. Whomever posed Kathryn that way was bad at it, even the picture is bad.

        The fact is if anyone’s arm is positioned that way, you cannot tell if or if not they have a tattoo there, that’s just impossiblity.

        I’m not trying to put you down but seriously, the photographer chose not to have her posed with her tattoo. Some don’t photograph celebs with it, they work around it. This is a perfect example of that.

        • IcyWinter, if the tattoo there/uncovered it would be visible in that shot. Kathryn’s arm is not in the way. In fact with her right hand on her hip like that it pushes the tattooed area out towards the camera. If you look closely at the image you can see a biege smear to the right of the dress strap. The strap even looks like it might have some make-up on it (though that could be hair in front of it). I believe you are wrong.

          It is a photo taken in a line up in front of dozens of photographers, look at the video. She wasn’t posed for it, she posed. Though the photographer may have only released a photo where the make-up covering the tattoo is not so obvious.

          I’ve gone all the photos I can and can very few where Kathryn posed that way around and at the right angle.

          My guess is that Kathryn doesn’t always feel it is appropriate to have a the tattoo visible. It may be a career move. Some people may be reluctant to hire an actress with a tattoo like that. This way she shows it can be covered effectively and/or makes people think it isn’t there.

  • Icywinter2

    @Nscha- Kathryn has covered up her tattoo before, on Cold Case; Both in Season 1’s disco Inferno and in Season 7’s ” Two Weddings,” the tattoo had been covered up.

  • niiny

    I think she used make-up nothing more. It’s may due to the UV that she got, maybe her tattoo became red or something….

    • Icywinter2

      @niiny- Except that the tattoo wouldn’t become red, it’s not a new one. Tattoos would fade not redden, unless it was new. Her tan which if a real one not something from a tanning salon, wouldn’t do that.

      I’m sorry If I sound as if I’m arguing I’m not. Just adding in my own two cents :-)

      • niiny

        That’s ok, I just tried to find an explanation :) Well, now we can wait until the new pictures of her. I’m sure we’ll figure out what happened with her tattoo :)

        • Icywinter2

          I’m sure the tattoo is still there, whatever the real reason is; we’re just happy to see her; that’s the most important thing :-)

          Kathryn is the best actress in Hollywood, and the best dressed as well.

  • New HQ arrivals images were added the other day and since then I’ve added further updates about Kathryn’s shoes and a link to another video.

  • Update 13 to this piece brings us video clips and screencaps from this event and last year’s one.

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