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Murder, She Wrote – Reminder

Just a quick reminder.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 15th July).  3pm.  BBC2.

Episode is titled “What You Don’t Know Can Kill You”.

Details on the BBC’s website HERE.

KM UK Exclusive! The Final Pensacola Screencaps & Videos

We finally reach the end of our little journey with Annalisa and the team at Pensacola: Wings Of Gold.  And it really ends with a bang.  Well, a brush.  A brush with… paint on it :-)

Screencaps and video clips from episodes 20-22 have been added to the Gallery.

pwog_s01e20_010 pwog_s01e21_094 pwog_s01e22_217

Kathryn’s Got Sun Safety To A ‘T’

We all know that Kathryn is a fair skinned beauty.  Of course being that way has its downsides.  One of the most dangerous ones is the added risk of skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun.

“Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. More than one million cases of skin cancers  are diagnosed each year, and one person dies from it every hour,” said Morris. “As someone with fair skin, how could I not get involved in trying to prevent something so preventable?”

To highlight the risks Kathryn has become a spokesperson for a T-shirt line that offers UV protection being launched by the Sun Safety Alliance (SSA) and the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC), both based in the United States.  Fellow actress Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives) joins Kathryn in the role.

The SSA has worked with AYANA Apparel to design the range of T-shirts that provide high SPF protection and are available through AYANA’s website.  Donations will be made to the SSA from purchases.

Kathryn has done a photoshoot, the results of which will form part of the promotional campaign.  I understand that the shoot went well and that Kathryn was, as we’ve come to expect of her, lots of fun, full of smiles, warm, welcoming and relaxed.

Photos from that session will be released in the next couple of weeks.  I look forward to seeing them.

For further details see the full press release “after the jump” and check the SSA blog for the latest news.

Thanks to irishkale @ Look Again for the heads-up and to Janelle @ EIC for her assistance in putting this piece together.

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The Prophecy II – Screencaps & Video

They were clearly saving the best til last with this one.

Well nearly the last.

Kathryn gets less than half a minute of air-time in this one, and some of that is out of focus in the background.  It is not As Good As It Gets short, but it is not far off.  She doesn’t make it on screen until some of the final scenes.  You couldn’t really leave it any later than that.

Billed just as Anxious Mother, Kathryn speaks briefly with Valerie Rosales, the lead character as played by Jennifer Beals, about being worried letting her daughter go away on the school bus.

Updated screencaps and a video clip have been added to the Gallery.

The_Prophecy_II_003 The_Prophecy_II_014 The_Prophecy_II_017

AI: Artificial Intelligence – Sunday

ai_10In case the image above hasn’t done it already…  Gentlemen, start your engines!

Bit of a late catch on this one.

Sunday 5th of July 2009, BBC1, 10.25pm.  Details on the BBC’s website here.

Kathryn in a very brief appearance, totalling less than 20 seconds of screen time in the middle of the film, as the interestingly named Teenage Honey.  Well quite!  Not exactly a teenager, but definitely a honey.  Nothing artificial and plenty of intelligence too 😉

Screencaps and a video clip from the movie can be found in the Gallery.

Kathryn’s Stars & Stripes top is a nice reminder of today’s date, so let me wish all our American cousins a happy 4th of July.  And thank you for Kathryn.

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