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Reverie Is One Of SpoilerTV’s Most Anticipated

artwork_002The team at the SpoilerTV website have put together a list of their most anticipated shows of the upcoming 2017/18 season.

Each regular contributor voted for their own favourites and the results of that internal poll left the site with thirteen shows to present.

One of the lucky 13 is Reverie, a show KM UK and its followers are eager to see as Kathryn Morris is due to co-star in the show that is looking to hit the small screens earlier next year.  Reverie stars Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest) as an ex-cop and behavioural expert brought in by a virtual reality company that is having problems with people not wanting to leave their alternative worlds.  Kathryn’s Monica Shaw is from the Department of Defense, who are taking an interest in VR project, and that is rarely a good thing in a show like this.  Dennis Haysbert (24), Jessica Lu (Awkward.), and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) also co-star.

SpoilerTV has now put that baker’s dozen to the us, the great unwashed public, to vote on the ones we are looking forward to most.

At the time of writing The Gifted is out in front in the poll.  Lead actress Amy Acker (Angel) returning to the small screen after starring with Sarah Shahi in the hit show Person Of Interest may have a lot to do with that popularity.  Amy’s co-star Stephen Moyer (True Blood), another Brit making waves in Hollywood, might also be having an effect.  And then there’s the whole Marvel universe and mutants things.  And Amy Acker.

Next up is The Good Doctor.  David Shore, the creator/writer of House, has returned to the medical profession with this show based on a South Korean drama of the same name.  Another Brit, Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) leads this one with a hint of House about it.  Freddie is a brilliant surgeon with autism.  Richard Schiff (The West Wing) and Hill Harper (CSI: NY) co-star.

After that is a close fight between several other shows Black Lightning (a DC comics character), The Resident (another medical drama, this time about a… resident, think Scrubs with fewer laughs), The Orville (Seth Macfarlane of Family Guy does a Galaxy Quest-like show), Life Sentence (Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars as cured of cancer living in the moment), and Reverie (see above).

Which leaves The Mayor, Ghosted, Wisdom Of The Crowd, S.W.A.T., Seal Team, and Deception trailing behind.

I think The Gifted will take this one easily.  Did I mention Amy Acker’s in it? :-)  But there is plenty of scope for Reverie to move up to a podium place.

Do your bit by voting for the show with Kathryn in it HERE.

Sendhil Ramamurthy Talks Reverie

artwork_002Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) attended the recent Comic-Con event in San Diego.

The actor has many reasons to be at sci-fi TV and movie focused gatherings like Comic-Con because of his work on shows like Heroes, Lucky Man, and Covert Affairs over the past decade.  Of course this year Sendhil had a new project to talk about:  the new upcoming TV series Reverie.

The comparative lack of Reverie news to come out of July’s Comic-Con suggests that most of those discussions happened behind closed doors.  Perhaps they’ll become more public nearer to the broadcast.  There were definitely none of the panel discussions made up of cast and crew from the show that have become common practice at these conferences.  I don’t think key members of the production team were present.

artwork_002However, blogger Cherry Davis got a 5 minute-long interview with Sendhil.  In that time he explains the basic plot line of Reverie, hints at some of the motivations of the main character played by Sarah Shahi, and details his own role.  Crucially Kathryn gets a mention about 3 minutes in.  Sendhil leaves Kathryn’s Monica Shaw as a mystery, saying she comes in towards the end of the pilot that he’d just seen.

In between the pitching, filming, and broadcast much can change in a new TV series.  Hearing that Kathryn’s character has made it into a later cut of the first episode, and forms part of what could be the on-going storyline is very welcome news.

Thank you to Cherry Davis for making the interview available.  You can watch Cherry’s video in full on YouTube HERE.  A small copy has been added to the KM UK gallery.


Reverie Hits Writers Room

artwork_002It has been a couple of months now since the new NBC TV series Reverie was picked up to series.

Within a few days of that announcement it became clear the show will be held over to ‘mid-season’, meaning that release will be much later than the main autumn/fall starts.  It is likely that the sci-fi-ish drama will hit the small screen in early 2018.

The latest news is that the writers have started the process of actually writing the 10 episodes due to be in the short first season.  The creator/exec producer/writer Mickey Fisher (Extant) let this be known.  They will build on the themes set out in the pilot episode, begin to map out the story arcs, and develop the characters required to tell their tales.  It is good news to see the production of Reverie is moving on.

I would expect that the shows premièring in September/October will have already kicked off the script creation process ahead of filming in the next month.  A delayed-start show like Reverie can take a slightly more leisurely approach to this.

Reverie stars Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest), Dennis Haysbert (24), Jessica Lu (Awkward.), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes), and Kathryn.  Sarah is a former hostage negotiator brought in by a virtual reality creator to help people ‘lost’ in the fictional world they are inhabiting.  Kathryn plays a senior member of the department of defence looking to take advantage of the technology for military means.

Reverie Episode Count

artwork_002The latest news on the Reverie-front is the first season episode count.

Apparently the sci-fi-ish virtual reality-based drama procedural (there’s a bit of guess work involved there) is due to have just 10 episodes in its première run, which is likely due to start next year.

As things stand at present Reverie is scheduled to be part of the NBC network’s ‘mid-season’ releases.  That could change though.  In the event of another show (new or existing) that starts in autumn/fall being cancelled a mid-season show could be brought in as a replacement.

Also, if a mid-season show proves to be a big success after an episode or two, more could be ordered to extend the run.

Reverie Trailer

artwork_002We have video.  Moving pictures made up of a series of still frames played in rapid sequence to give the illusion of movement!

trailer_001A promotional trailer for Reverie has escaped into the wild.  The two minute long piece gives, as expected, a pretty good over view of the set up, plot, and style of the show.

In another good news/bad news situation Kathryn does not appear, at all.

Find the video in the KM UK Gallery.

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