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Cold Case S02E11 – Blank Generation Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S02E11_lilly_081The year was 1978.  Teenager Matthew Adams is a member of a cult.  He killed himself.  Or did he?

The KM UK Summer Of HD 2013 contines with Cold Case episode Blank Generation.

Keen to rescue their relative, the Adams family hired a person to extract and errr… un-brainwash him.  Is “brain-dirty” a thing?

Nearly 30 years later Matthew’s sister comes to the Cold Case squad with new evidence.  Lilly gets a surprise at home and Scotty receives some tragic news.

314 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S02E11_lilly_137 Cold_Case_S02E11_lilly_256 Cold_Case_S02E11_lilly_296

Cold Case S02E10 – Discretion HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S02E10_lilly_014Not only is it actually summer but England is having an actual summer.  As the “cream” (sarcastic air-quotes) of Britain’s tabloid press would have it:  Phew! What a scorcher!

Speaking of scorchers… no, sorry, there is no way a segue from that in to this episode is going to work :-)

Part 10 of KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2013 is Cold Case episode Discretion.

An ambitious young assistant district attorney is very directly involved in his own murder case in the lead up to trying a high profile murder case.  Oh, the irony.  Was he on the take too?

146 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S02E10_lilly_027 Cold_Case_S02E10_lilly_046 Cold_Case_S02E10_lilly_139

Cold Case S02E09 – Mind Hunters Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S02E09_lilly_003For one of the first posts of KM UK’s Summer Of HD for 2013 that is actually in what passes for summer in England we have the big one:  Mind Hunters.  First broadcast in November of 2004 it is not to be confused with the film Mindhunters, also starring Kathryn, that was released very slowly across the world during 2004 and 2005.  America didn’t see it until May of 2005.

A regular game you could play with Cold Case was “the famous person did it”.  When a guest star well known from another show or shows takes a role it tends to be a significant one.  You don’t bring out the big guns for a minor part after all.  John Billingsley has done a lot of different shows before (including Touched By An Angel and Six Feet Under) and after (Nip/Tuck, Prison Break, NCIS, 24, Leverage and True Blood, amongst others) but his defining role has to be as Dr Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise.  It was whilst that was still airing that John put in a particularly memorable performance as George Marks in this (and one other) episode of Cold Case.

A newly discovered headless corpse leads the squad to uncover a possible serial killer.  Could he be right under their noses?  Errr… yes.

A very comprehensive 321 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps and a small promo still from Mind Hunters can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S02E09_lilly_209 Cold_Case_S02E09_lilly_275 still_001

Cold Case S02E08 – Red Glare Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S02E08_lilly_073KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2013 travels back 60 years to 1953 for Red Glare (Cold Case season 2, episode 8).

It’s back to the time of “reds under the bed” for the murder of a school teacher involved in the civil rights movement.  Invoking memories of the Salem witch trials it was an era when throwing the word “Communist” could have serious implications.

Closer to home (I know, what a cliché!) Lilly has her own troublemaker to deal with as her sister, Christina, turns up.  In one of the few on-going story arcs Cold Case ever did we will get to see the results of the damage she causes over coming episodes, and even seasons.

280 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps and an on set still (below right) of Kathryn with Thom Barry (Will Jeffries in CC) and John Finn (John Stillman in CC) from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S02E08_lilly_061 Cold_Case_S02E08_lilly_272 on_set_001

Cold Case S02E07 – It’s Raining Men Full HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S02E07_lilly_253Although it does not receive the press coverage it did even just a few years ago, many people still have to live with the day-to-day issues of HIV and AIDS.  The greater openness of modern society to discuss those issues has helped reduce the stigma but back in 1983 keeping quiet was, for many, the safest option.

It’s Raining Men (Cold Case season 2, episode 7) tackles the murder of an activist trying to break that silence, believing that forcing “out” gay men was for the greater good.  Did some of his targets want him to stop?

James Morrison guest starred in It’s Raining Men, playing both the 1983 and 2004 versions of his character Carson Finch.  James is a very familiar face having appeared in many different TV shows since his career started in the early 1980s.  He is probably best known for his recurring roles in 24 and more recently Revenge.  The Utah resident is also, amongst many things, a singer/songwriter and yoga teacher.

KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2013 continues with a new set of 256 Full HD (1080p) Lilly screencaps and a small promo still can now to be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S02E07_lilly_147 Cold_Case_S02E07_lilly_225 still_001

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