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Cold Case S02E01 – The Badlands HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S02E01_lilly_073What happened to spring?  England seems to have jumped straight from from a very long winter to summer.  Not that summer officially starts for another few weeks either.  It’s so confusing

Here on KM UK we’re going to make sure it is a long, hot summer with our Summer Of HD 2013.  Long because we are covering the whole of Cold Case season 2 (as chosen by our readers), and hot because… well that shouldn’t need explaining 😉

Let’s start at the beginning with the first episode, titled The Badlands.  A boring way to do it perhaps, but sometimes you’ve got to go with tradition.  Lilly re-investigates one of her own cold cases and for Jeffries it has a personal element as the triple murder happened in a diner in his old neck of the woods.

249 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S02E01_lilly_106 Cold_Case_S02E01_lilly_115 Cold_Case_S02E01_lilly_202

Cold Case Season 2 Promo Photos

promo_005The “far from new, but new to the Gallery” posts make a return.  This time it’s promo photos from season 2 of Cold Case.

5 HQ images are now in the Gallery.

promo_001 promo_002 promo_004

Cold Case Season 2 Screencaps

Another huge Gallery update.  This time it’s season 2 of Cold Case.  Re-live those classic Lilly moments.  We get to meet Christina.  Scotty suffers a tragic loss.  Some great cases, culminating in The Woods with creepy George Marks.  Cold Case at its best.

Cold_Case_S02E09_lilly_127 Cold_Case_S02E14_lilly_123 Cold_Case_S02E18_lilly_129

Don’t forget to comment on and rate images in the Gallery.  Feel free to use any of my screencaps in banners, sigs or avatars.  Please let me know what you make with them, I’d be very interested to see.

Update: Tagging done.

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