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Another Cold Case Guest Star Reddit AMA

Want to chat online to a Cold Case guest star?

How about Jeffrey Combs?  He appeared in the 5th season episode Spiders as the father of the victim.  He wasn’t a nice guy.

Another Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) online Q&A session to be held on Monday (30th Mar) at 2pm EST (that’s 7pm UK time, 6pm UTC/GMT) gives that opportunity.

Jeffrey had recurring roles on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Enterprise TV series so I would assume much of the questioning will be about those shows.  We are talking about an online chat after all!  He might appreciate a discussion about a very different role.

As well as a lot of voice work on things like various Transformers and Marvel cartoon series, Jeffrey has worked on many other shows (She Spies, CSI, The 4400, Chadam, Criminal Minds) including the latest Batman prequel series Gotham and movies (Re-Animator).

Thanks to Todd Smitts for passing along the info.

The Reddit IAmA page HERE has all the details etc.

If you have details of something you think fellow Kathryn/Cold Case fans would be interested in then please use the Contact form to let me know and I’ll post about it.

More Cold Case Guest Star Reddit AMAs

Thanks again go to Todd Smitts for keeping an eye out on behalf of the whole Cold Case fan community.

Todd has let me know that a couple more guest stars from the long running CBS drama series will be taking part in Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat sessions in the next few days.  So, I’m passing it on to you.

First up is Sam Trammell, who played the 1981 flashback version of Porter Rawley in the Cold Case episode Blood On The Tracks (the 15th of season 4).  More recently Sam has had a major role in True Blood, which came to an end last year.  Sam’s acting credits include a large number of well known shows such as House, Bones (the pilot no less), CSI: NY, Numb3rs, Dexter and Medium.  He’s also been seen on the big screen in the likes of last year’s hit movie The Fault In Our Stars.  Sam’s AMA is due to take place at 5pm (EST) on Tuesday the 20th of January.

The Runner (CC season 1, episode 5) guest star Cory Hardrict is scheduled for a Redditt chatting on Friday (23rd Jan) at the earlier time of 2:30pm (EST).  Cory’s career started a few years before Sam’s and he has an equally illustrious and varied CV.  He can count Chicago Hope, Buffy spin-off Angel, NYPD Blue, ER, Without A Trace, Heroes, and Saving Grace amongst his many roles.  That’s not the half of it, I skipped past many other big name shows in making that short list.  Cory is also in movies and is in the current hot topic film American Sniper.

For further details the Reddit IAmA page is HERE.

I’m always happy to pass on information to the wider community on these pages so if you have something you think fellow Kathryn/Cold Case fans would like to know about please use the Contact form.

Cold Case Guest Star Reddit AMAs

Welcome to 2015.  How has yours been so far?

I thought we’d start the year with something a little different.

‘Todd Smitts’, a very active member of the Cold Case fan community, has let me know about some CC related items he thought others might like to be informed of.  I’m always happy to help out so here we go.

Several guest stars on Cold Case have Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat sessions scheduled for the coming week.  Being an old fogey I’m not too familiar with Reddit, but I am sure that you are.  I’m still trying to figure out where the paper goes in this fancy typewriter! :-)

I’ll let him tell you in his own words:

Amber Benson (Julia Hoffman in “Volunteers“, but better known as Tara on “Buffy”) will be doing hers at 3 PM Eastern time on Jan 5.  Johnathon Schaech (Julian Bellowes in “Libertyville“) will be doing his at 4 PM Eastern on Jan 6.

This is great opportunity to ask them about their time working on the show (or anything else you know them from).  Since “Libertyville” happen to be one of my favorite episodes, I’ll definitely be making time for both of those.  I previously got to ask Michael Harney (also from “Volunteers“) and Lindy Booth (the doer from “Wings“) about their guest spots, so I’ll look forward to it.

Looking at the list of the upcoming AMAs I spotted Yara Shahidi who played the 2009 flashback Meesha Sullivan in Cold Case season 7, episode 7, Read Between The Lines.  Yara’s session is scheduled for 5pm (EST) on 7th Jan.

You can find the Reddit IAmA page HERE.

Thanks to ‘Todd’ for letting me know about this.  If you have something you think fellow Kathryn/Cold Case fans would like to know about please let me know using the Contact form.

Yet Another Fake KM Twitter Account

avatar_003_512x512I thought/hoped we were past this.

In the last couple of weeks another Twitter account that is trying to pass itself off as Kathryn has appeared.  It goes by the Twitter handle of @IMorrisKathryn and uses the image on the right as the avatar.  (The image is taken from the deviantART website and is by ‘Enselis’ – see here)

KM UK has exposed fakes before (two examples: here and here), sometimes after a bit of investigative work that Lilly and the CC squad would be proud of :-)  In this case the combined brain power of the Philly PD was not required as it was immediately clear that it is not genuine.  The tone of the posts, the odd avatar image, etc. etc. all add up to fake.  I was going to just ignore this faker but recent Tweets caused me to change my mind.

Using a picture and even a name relating to Kathryn on Twitter is one thing, I do it myself of course.  Actually posting as though you are her is another.  But to respond to other people as though you are her seriously crosses the line.  When anyone contacts me via this site’s @KM_UK Twitter address in a manner that make me think they believe I could be Kathryn I make it clear that I am not.  I do this to avoid confusion and disappointment.  It is the right thing to do.  Sadly this @IMorrisKathryn is doing the wrong thing.  Some of the more recent responses clearly set out to deceive.

Hopefully this faker will soon see the error of their ways.

The Coin’s Future Firms Up

LA_Firm_Inc_UK_Issue_29On Thursday Fabien Martorell, the director of the film The Coin, reminded us via Twitter that the short will be featuring in the Underexposed Film Festival in a couple of weeks.  KM UK covered the initial announcement previously.  Exact details of the screening will be posted here nearer the time.

I understand that The Coin will be shown at even more festivals in the coming months, both in the US and abroad.  KM UK will be reporting on those as soon as the news breaks.

In the meantime this is a good opportunity to bring to you a review by Darcell Carraway of LA Firm Inc Magazine of the 8 minute feature starring Kathryn, Christopher Lloyd (Piranha 3DD) and young Jack Ryan Shepherd.

“Kathryn Morris was electrifying…”

Los Angeles Firm Inc Magazine is an online and print publication that “cover[s]… all facets of [the] commercial entertainment industry” including fashion and movies.  Darcell is the CEO of Los Angeles Firm Inc, Editor In Chief of the magazine, and Creative Director of sister company Victoria Marie Fashion.  Darcell has very kindly allowed KM UK to host a high quality copy of the double page spread from the UK version of the magazine (see top right) for you all to see.  You can find it in the Gallery.  The article is primarily a profile of Fabien but ends with this glowing review of The Coin:

Not every critic has the same view and not every person doing films is cut out for it.  When I first sat down to watch The Coin, I was very anxious to see it.  I was very impressed by the quality of the presentation.  However, more importantly the acting was amazing.  I felt center stage at the theatre the whole way through.  Our recommendations are based solely on our appreciation for effortless brilliance and art.  The crazed mother played by Kathryn Morris was electrifying for lack of better words while Christopher Llyod [sic] was stellar in his role as the guardian angel.  We rank this short film with some of the elite blockbusters from the 80’s and 90’s like 48 hrs. or even Misery.  I find a very alluring and passion filled director in Fabien Martorell.  Classic in plain english [sic].

Darcell Carraway

Many thanks to Darcell for his generosity.  You can find out more about LA Firm Inc Magazine via their Facebook page HERE.

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