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Annual HD Update – 2005 (Part 1)

2005 was quite a busy year for Kathryn on the public appearance front and as we’ve got quite a few images to update from them (as part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD posts) we’ve split this year into two.  The second part will be posted later in the week.

First we have a couple of shots from the TCA Winter Press Tour for the shoe enthusiasts amongst you.  Or perhaps that should be “foot fetishists”.  Personally I’m tend to focus a few feet higher (see what I did there? :-) ) but I’m happy to make an exception in this case.

Next up we have 15 larger images from the première of the movie The Wedding Date, starring Will & Grace actress Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney.  Only the two photos, the 1st and 11th of the set are as before.


tca_winter_press_tour_01 wedding_date_06 wedding_date_10

Annual HD Update – 2004

The year:  2004.  The event:  The People’s Choice Awards.  The look:  very, very cute  :-)

This set of photo upgrades (part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD posts) covers the People’s Choice Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards of 2004.  Kathryn is always this person’s choice but there is no way Kathryn could win a sag award 😉

I’m not sure about the white and yellow SAG Awards dress, maybe it was all the rage in ’04, but the simple black number and the hair style for the PCA’s… Wow!  And there she goes again with that smile…

All but one photo in each of the sets has been upgraded to a larger size.

Trawling through old Kathryn photos: it’s a tough job sometimes  :-)

sag_awards_05 peoples_choice_04 peoples_choice_11

Annual HD Update – 2003

013As an additional part of KM UK’s Summer Of HD posts I’ll be upgrading some of the past Public Appearance photos to full size, having had to previously shrink some for technical reasons. I’ll most likely post these in batches based on the year, possibly splitting the busier years up.

Let’s start with 2003 and the première of the movie Paycheck. 8 of the images have now been upgraded. The image descriptions will show which have been changed.  Kathryn looks great in her red dress and ever present smile.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible, and full of surprises, full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn as Rita.

003 005 007

Paycheck Premiere – Gallery Update

December 2003.  Was it really as long a go as that?

Yep.  The premiere of the movie Paycheck was on 18 December 2003.  There have been images from the event in the Gallery since the start, but 6 newly found HQ images have just been added.  Kathryn looks amazing and very happy in her dark red dress.  Find the new photos here.

003 005 007

Don’t forget to check out the incredible full HD (1080p) screencaps of Kathryn as Rita Dunne as well.

Julie & Julia & Kathryn – Gallery Update

A further 5 more HQ images have added to the Gallery covering Kathryn’s attendance at a special screening of the new movie Julie & Julia back in July.  I felt they deserved a new post.  More details can be found in the earlier post.

julie_and_julia_014 julia_and_julia_011 julie_and_julia_015

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