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Updated Cold Case Season 6 Promos

I’ve found some bigger and better versions of four of the Season 6 promo photos, previously posted about here, wrongly thought to be season 7 promos initially.  I nearly didn’t post an item about this update but I thought the improvement in the size and quality of the images warranted bringing them to everyone’s attention.  Plus the last 2 images are so great they are worth a repeat.

promo_004 promo_005
promo_009 promo_010

Cold Case Season 7 Promo Photos? – Update x2

promo_009I say “?” because I’m not entirely sure. I’ve been told these images are from a CC season 7 promo shoot but I don’t have corroborating evidence of that. So, until I find out otherwise I’m treating them as that.

Anyway, two photos. One large, one small. Both great.

Head for the Gallery.

It’s been a busy week here on KM UK and this is nice way to end it.  Thank you to all that have contributed.

promo_009 promo_010

Thanks to Shahel.

Update: I’m going with “No”.  I’ve moved these images to the season 6 promo area.

Update 2: New, larger and better quality version of some of the images in this set.

Cold Case Season 6 Promos

The Gallery has been updated with some additional HQ CC season 6 (yes, six) promo photos.

It’s interesting to note the difference between the first of the group shots and the other two.  The first appears to be a version of the original photograph, whereas the others have been altered.  Note the more dramatic background and the tidying up of Kathryn’s coat sleeve.  More worrying is the re-shaping of Thom Barry’s head!

promo_007 promo_002 promo_005

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