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Mark Anderson 2005 Photoshoot Upgrade

57553_kmorris4It’s very nearly a year since KM UK moved house to a system that could cope with hosting the larger images in all their glory.  This great Mark Anderson photoshoot set (which I believe is from around 2005) is one that I had forgotten was not in the Gallery at full size.  It is now.  The four photos have now been upgraded as part of the KM UK Summer Of HD 2011.

Thanks to Smallbarbie for the reminder about this set.

Speaking of the photographer Mark Anderson, there has been no news on his M: Mermaids Of Hollywood book that was due for release back in March.  It’s been quiet for months.

57532_kmorris1 57539_kmorris2 57545_kmorris3

Cougars, Inc. Photoshoot Images

promo_003Finally some more photos from the Cougars, Inc. promo photoshoot have surfaced.

Kathryn, Denise Richards, Rebecca Mader, Catalina Rodriguez and Kyle Gallner all participated in the photoshoot done by Steven Taylor back in November last year.  We were lucky enough to get a few shots from the set at the time and we got to see behind the scenes video footage from the shoot a few months ago.

A few other shots have appeared over time but this is a more complete set and much larger and higher quality than we’ve seen before.  There must be more (we saw a very interesting pose with Kathryn and Kyle in the video) so hopefully we’ll get to see them soon.

The new 5 HQ shots are now the Gallery.

Thanks to Karen for the heads-up.

promo_004 promo_005 promo_007

Cougars, Inc. Photoshoot Behind The Scenes Video

001We may have been disappointed by the lack of Kathryn at the Oscars but I think this may make up for it.  A lot! 😉

Photographer Steven Taylor, who did the Cougars, Inc. photoshoot we saw images from late last year that makes up the cover art work for the DVD/Blu-ray releases of the movie, has put a behind the scenes video from the shoot on YouTube.  And it is quite a sight to behold for us Kathryn fans.

The video shows the ladies of the movie Kathryn, Denise Richards, Rebecca Mader and Catalina Rodriguez and Kyle Gallner posing for photos.

There are a set of HD (720p) screencaps and a small copy of the video in the Gallery.  You can find the original YouTube video HERE.

Thanks to Kareen_T for the heads-up and thank you to Steven for the video and photographs.  Hopefully we’ll more of the results of this shoot in the coming months as we near the DVD/Blu-ray release.

steven_taylor_behind_the_scenes_with_cougars_inc_photoshoot_006 steven_taylor_behind_the_scenes_with_cougars_inc_photoshoot_022 steven_taylor_behind_the_scenes_with_cougars_inc_photoshoot_033

M: Mermaids Of Hollywood App Is Out – Update x5

mermaid_001The previously reported iApp of the M: Mermaids Of Hollywood book by the photographer Mark Anderson is now available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for the princely sum of 59p (99 cents US).

Kathryn appears in two photos.  The second is the same as the preview image we’ve already seen, there is nothing more to it than that.  The first, as previewed above, is a wider shot of Kathryn hiding behind the same fishing equipment.  She has very dark lipstick and wet hair.  We do get to see her tail (which looks a little Photoshopped on).  It is a little disappointing compared to the images of some of the other ladies, as this past year has seen Kathryn be far bolder on camera, but it still good to see.

You can find more details on the app HERE on the iTunes Store website.

Updates listed after the jump.

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mermaid_002ET Online are reporting that Kathryn will feature in a forthcoming book, M: Mermaids Of Hollywood, by the photographer Mark Anderson.

Kristen Bell, Mena Suvari and Connie Britton are among the 60 celebs starring in the mermaid-themed set of photographs.  The book is due out in March 2011.  We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one :-)

A small example photo found in the article (shown above) has been added to the Gallery.

Read the ET Online article HERE.

Update: It looks like this book might also be an eBook App for the iPhone and iPad and will be made available via the iTunes Store, possibly before the end of the year.  A ‘Making of’ video can be found HERE on YouTube, Kathryn does not appear in it at all but if it gives a reasonable impression of what Kathryn’s photo might include… WOWZA! 😉

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