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Silly Season Is Well Under Way

I know this is silly.  You know this is silly.  So let’s treat it as such.  I’m just reporting the reporting.

As we all know the tabloids really love to make a story out of nothing.  Kathryn starring in a film with Brad Pitt has really made her a new focus for their attention.

Cele|bitchy is has a story on a Star Magazine story involving Brad and Kathryn.  We’ve got this up to 3rd hand gossip nonsense!

The story within a story goes like this:

Star – Brad Pitt is “in lust” with his beautiful blonde costar in Moneyball, Kathryn Morris. Brad took his shirt off because it was hot — sorry, “stripped off his sweaty shirt” — and a source says “she actually let out a gasp and teased him that she almost fainted.”

Hmm, sounds like they’re in lust with each other.

“They’re flirting so much that it’s making crewmembers uncomfortable.”

Um. Ok. Brad’s nickname for her is “Kitten” or “Kit Kat.”

10 comments to Silly Season Is Well Under Way

  • Icywinter2

    So fake and very untrue, some imagination these star magazine reporters put out. What’s amusing is how people would instantly believe this to be true, when it’s not.

    That’s exactly why magazines such as Star constantly get sued by Celebrities cause of their untrue stuff they put out. I really doubt that he gave her nickname such as that. Or that Star magazine would even be on the set either.

    This just makes me laugh, cause it’s so riduclously not true :-)

    The sad thing is, I wish it were true! <3

    I can see Kathryn joking around with him and pulling the little fake faint, but theres obviously no serious chemistry. Especially the kind to make people uncomfortable.

    I definitly vote in favour of the new nickname "Kit-Kat" though 😉
    Ahaha! <3

  • TRB

    Yanno, I’m still waiting for the tabloid story which states that KM is really an undercover vampire posing as an actor.

    …actually, that would be much more believable than what we have been seeing.

    *whistles, and walks away*

    (Just joking, btw. 😉 )

  • @Tianna: I agree on all counts. There’s definitely a joke to be made about being made up of sticks and nice to nibble on 😉

    @TRB: Bite me! Bite me! Bite me!… Is what I’d say to sparkly Count Morris 😉

    We seem to have a theme going here :-)

  • Icywinter2

    Somehow i cannot see anyone even Brad calling her Kit-Kat. Doesn’t really seem real to me. Come to think about it, I can’t see him even saying that either. What will the star magazine writers come up with next :-) It’s so absurd but yet down right funny :-)

    @TRB- ” True Case,” – with a picture of Kathryn with Fangs holding a case box :-). Now that would be funny.

  • Icywinter2

    Just want to mention that the filming for Moneyball is over, hopefully some offical pictures of Kathryn in this movie will pop up soon 😉

    As for the fanart, I have a lot of ideas :-)

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