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Mother’s Day Fan Art?

It’s just occurred to me that in a couple of weeks time (Sunday, May 11th) it will be Mother’s Day in the United States Of America.

Those of us in the UK don’t make our mothers wait so long, we get it done in March :-)

As you may have noticed this website is dedicated to a certain special lady (I realise it is only subtly referred to :-) ).  This year she gets to celebrate Mother’s Day for the first time as a mother herself.  No doubt she’ll be receiving two cards with suspiciously grown-up, yet child-like, handwriting from two boys that, let’s be honest, probably haven’t quite mastered the finer points of calligraphy.

With just two weeks to go do you think you (yes, you) could come up with some suitably themed fan art to publish here on the day?

It’s been a while since we did fan art here and it would be a wonderful way to revisit it and celebrate a new occasion at the same time.  The KM UK Gallery, which includes an extensive fan art section, contains thousands of images you could use as a basis.

You can contact me via the normal methods or upload your works of art using the form below.

Thank you in advance.

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Be My Valentine – Update


To a very special lady

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KM Birthday Fan Art?

wallpaper_234_1626x703_dianekmfanIn just over 3 weeks from today it will be a certain special someone’s birthday.  I think you know who I am talking about :-)

We haven’t had a fan art update in nearly a year now so how about we revive it for the special occasion?  We’ll call it the “Let’s Do Some Fan Art For Kathryn’s Birthday” thing.  Hopefully after such a long time you have lots of pent-up KM fan art ideas.

The first rule of the LDSFAFKB thing is you must talk about LDSFAFKB.

The second rule of the LDSFAFKB thing is you must talk about LDSFAFKB.  Spread the word to all your artistic friends.

On the special day (28th Jan) all the items will be added to the KM UK Gallery.  Some examples will be used in the birthday post, with one lucky person getting their image used as the banner image for the item.  Think of that as the prize, because that’s all you’re getting :-)  Above you can see the chosen item from last year by Dianekmfan.

Other than that the normal fan art ideas apply.  It can be anything you want to make.  It could be a banner, desktop wallpaper, avatar, a general picture, or a even a video.  To get your works to me either email them directly, use the Contact form to let me know and I’ll get back to you ASAP, or use the upload form below.  Any time between now and then will be fine.  Other than the obvious there is no real deadline on this.

The Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery is chocked full of previous fan art created specially for and donated to this site by visitors.  There are over 700 items in there already.  The Gallery is also crammed to the rafters with images (over 60,000 at last count!) you can use as the basis for your masterpieces.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Messner About With Photoshop?


KcLynn, the webmistress of the Johnny Messner Online website is in the process of re-designing the site and is looking for a bit of help.  She wants to tap into some of the artistic talent of the folks that hang out here at KM UK.  Our extensive Gallery of fan art is testament to that.

If you are willing to help create some Johnny-themed banners for JMO then please contact KcLynn via her website or Twitter.  Alternatively contact us here at KM UK using our Contact form and we’ll pass your details along.

Apartment Looking For Resident Band

2br1ba_logo_003_640x427Feeling musical?  Know someone that is?

Well, perhaps they can get their work showcased in a feature film.

With her co-producer hat on Kristen Ruhlin (She Wants Me) put out a call on Facebook last Friday (4th January 2013) for singers, musicians and bands to contact her.  Kristen and her fellow producers are looking for music for the soundtrack of the movie 2 Br/1 Ba.

Comments made by Kristen on the Facebook update include additional contact details.  There is no deadline mentioned but the film is still listed as being released this month…

As you know Kathryn has a special guest role in the genre-defying film, which stars Alex Vega (Spy Kids) and Spencer Grammer (Greek) as feuding flatmates.

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