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FHM = For Me Magazine? – Thank You

I think you can guess where this is going.

Would any of our France-based readership be willing to buy and send me a copy of December’s FHM?  So far my attempts to get one in the UK have come to nothing.  You will, of course, be fully reimbursed for your efforts.  I’ll even throw in some eternal gratitude  :-)

Or do you know a place in the UK where a copy could be obtained?

Please use the contact form to let me know.

Update: I just wanted to post a quick update to say a public thank you to the people that have contacted me regarding this.  I’m not going to name names (you know who you are) but I greatly appreciate the time and effort you’ve gone to on my behalf.  I am very lucky to have such a great group of people reading my little site.  I’m still open to offers though.  If I get extra copies I’m happy to distribute them further afield.

Do You Recognise This Woman?

creative_emmys_onstage_001Sure you do.  I think you may have seen pictures of her around here somewhere?  :-)

OK, this is a request for assistance from you dear reader.

The picture above is from the 2009 Creative Arts Emmys awards event as Kathryn took to the stage to present an award.  Pre-show photos (with an emphasis on the H-O-T part) can be seen in an earlier post.  What I really, really want to see is video of Kathryn actually doing her brief turn as host.  The show was, apparently, broadcast on US TV last Friday afternoon (18 September 2009).  I’ve searched everywhere I can think of, and several places I can’t, to no avail.  I’m beginning to think I may never get to see it :-(

Can you help?

The Contact form is waiting for you to put me out of my misery.

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